Nexxus ProMend

As a busy Mom, I sometimes don’t get my hair trimmed as often as I should. I’m aware of how often I should go, but with so much on my plate, I’m always putting it off. Normally, this means I get split ends. I try to put heat on my hair only when I have something important to do because this can give me split ends too but as much as I TRY, they’re there. So, I decided to try something that might be easy to do on a daily basis to not only fight against getting split ends but also repair the split ends I already have. I came across Nexxus ProMend.


I had the honor of trying out 5 Nexxus products, 3 from their ProMend line and two from the Frizz Defy since Frizz and split ends go hand in hand, am I right?! The ProMend line is described as “A revolutionary daily hair care system that targets split ends at the source, ProMend binds up to 92% of split ends back together in one use.* (*Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-In Treatment Crème vs. untreated) Maintain the look through regular use.” This is a pretty HUGE improvement so I admit, I was skeptical.

DSCN8012I used the ProMend Split end Treatment Daily Shampoo and the ProMend Split end Binding Daily Shampoo for over a week and I actually have seen a difference! Because I didn’t use the Overnight Creme, I think my results were slower and not quite the 92% BUT every time I use these, I could both feel and see an improvement. Looking at my hair now compared to how it was 9 days ago, I am thrilled with the results. I’ve used a lot of shampoo in my day and I love to try new brands but nothing had ever done this much to reverse the damage I’ve done to my hair. I didn’t even think it was possible.

DSCN8014When I’m trying to give my hair a break from my daily routine of blow drying and using a heat tool (or I’m in a time crunch) I love to use a little bit of mousse and let my natural waves shine through. The ProMend line extends to styling products too and I was happy to see they have a Mousse to help with my Split Ends too!  This mousse is unlike any other I’ve tried. Not only because of the Split end binding but also because of the amazing volume I got while using this. A lot of mousse products weigh my hair down and I have to use them very sparingly. With these, I was able to generously coat the tips of my hair (to help with my split ends) and still get an amazing look that lasted throughout the day!

DSCN8016Because I usually straighten or curl my hair, this product ended up being my favorite and the one I use daily. This is the Frizz Defy Styling Creme and first of all this creme smells like HEAVEN in a bottle! With  Moroccan Argan oil and Coconut Extract the feel and scent remind me of a great day at the beach. With a lot of smoothing products I try to avoid putting them near my scalp but this product is so lightweight that I use it from tip to root and never look or feel oily. I’ve been using a product called Super Skinny religiously since I was 15 and this product just replaced that! (and at half the price!)

DSCN8018Lastly, I tried the Frizz Defy Leave-in Oil Shine Treatment. With a lot of the same ingredients as my favorite Styling cream, this product smells and preforms just as well, it’s just in a different form. This is slightly more oily (obviously) but still lightweight. Because this comes in a concentrated oil form, it’s easy to spray over your hair once it’s styled and ready to go. This is a great backup for a day when I’m all ready to go then I realize my hair is looking dry or frizzing- this is an instant fix!

Overall, both the ProMend and Frizz Defy lined by Nexxus went above and beyond my skeptical expectations and after I looked at several shampoo aisles locally, I was shocked to discover that while Nexxus products wonderful products for all hair types, they aren’t gouging customers with their prices! They could easily charge double what they do for products that work this well, but these are affordable and do just what was promised! I’ll be repurchasing several of these fabulous products and if you’ve got any frizz or some split ends, I highly recommend you check them out too!


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