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I’ve heard it said that Valentine’s Day is a holiday created by candy and chocolate companies to sell product. It’s one of those off the cuff comments that I just hear floating around from time to time. I’m not one to get into the politics of it all, I personally think Valentine’s Day is romantic. I’d say if you’re going to hand feed your sweety some rich, decadent chocolate- you might as well make it organic, and good!


In my house, we’re big fans of Newman’s Own Organics. They make organic…everything and they do so with wonderful attention to detail and most of all, taste. For Valentine’s day, we had the chance to try some super sweet treats from our favorite organic company. This is their Signature Series Chocolate.


We received a range of their Organic chocolate bars and I have to tell you, they are out of this world. I’m a classic Milk Chocolate girl myself, but their Dark Chocolate and Orange Dark Chocolate were also drool worthy as well. Easy bar, dark or milk chocolate, was creamy, smooth and absolutely melt in your mouth good! These didn’t last long!

DSCN0302 Also in their line of chocolates is their chocolate cups. I got to try two of their newest flavors, Dark Chocolate and Peanut butter and Dark Chocolate and Raspberry. My husband’s favorite candy is peanut butter cups. I get him some almost every holiday. He’s always talking about the name brand and honestly, I worried how he’d receive these. Turns out, he didn’t really “receive them”…he inhaled them. These were gone in just a few days. I’d tell you how they were, but I didn’t get a chance to eat them. I’m guessing they were good 😉

DSCN0292Newman’s Own Organics also makes several flavors of mints. There are 4 flavors in total: Wintergreen, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon. My favorite are the cinnamon. These come in packs of rolls or these super fun, unique tins. These are the only product from this line that have this style of packaging. These mints are, of course, organic and packed with flavor. They’re perfect for keeping your breath fresh for that goodnight kiss this Valentine’s Day!

Newman’s Own Organics was kind enough to offer a prize pack to one lucky reader! The pack includes one of each chocolate bars, the two newest flavors of chocolate cups AND each of the different tins of mints. You’ll have chocolate enough to go around and minty fresh breath to go with 😉 Enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. Sonia F. says:

    Haven’t tried this particular part of the brand. I have used the salad dressings and oils and the cookies are pretty good. I like that they are healthier options and they use better ingredients.

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