NEW Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit!

I’ve been waxing for nearly 8 years now and the learning process to get where I am now (on a much more professional level) hasn’t always been smooth! (pun intended!) I’ve got loads of horror stories, but one rule of thumb for me has always been to stick to traditional, warm waxing methods. Whether it’s in a counter top warmer or a microwave formula, those are my go to. It never occurred to me to try a ready to use, heat free wax strip. After trying the newest Ouch-Relief Wax Strips from Sally Hansen, I’ve got two words: Game Changer.

DSCN0110I typically think of Sally Hansen for all my nail care needs, but they make high quality beauty products and tools across the board. While I’ve seen a number of waxing  products that claim to be “pain free” I truly commend Sally Hansen for calling this line and technology “Ouch Relief”. Truth is no hair removal is really pain free and it’s only setting your consumers up to be disappointed by pretending it could be! I received this product to try out and after reading the box, I opted to try my most sensitive waxing area: the under arm! While every person is different and your pain tolerance in different areas can vary, my underarm waxing routine is nothing short of a joke! I’m often is SO much pain that it takes me a good 5-minute solo pep talk to get the second side done! Not to mention, with hair growing in several different directions, getting good hold is key for a clean waxing job!

DSCN0106This three step process begins with a step we won’t count, washing and drying the area. That should be a no brainer for any at-home or professional waxer! You’ll follow that up with the “ouch-relief” part of this process. Included in the box are 4 of these, one use, Benzocaine wipes. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have any allergy to this particular numbing agent. (Test a small area, you’ll know right off the bat! It shouldn’t burn, sting or tingle. Aside from the cool sensation of it drying on your skin, this should feel like nothing.) You rub this on the area you want to wax, then wait 10 minutes for the effects to kick in. I did notice the area start to feel numb after about 5 minutes, but I wanted the full 10 for optimal results!

DSCN0112Step two is the waxing! Once your area is dry and you’ve waited 10 minutes, you’ll want to prepare you strip. For my under arm, I didn’t need such a long piece. (The wax covered area is approximately 6″ long and 2″ wide) because there are 16 sets of strips, each strip is stuck to another strip, wax “facing” each other. This makes it extremely easy to cut to size! I admit, I tried this with the last flop I had with ready waxing strips and it’s not something you can accomplish with all brands! Be sure and trim BEFORE you rub the strips with your hands. To soften the wax, you’ll rub the strips (still attached to its pair) between your hands. For these strips, that is all the heat you’ll need!

Next, you apply the strip in the direction of the hair growth and smooth it down. Then, in one swift motion, remove in the OPPOSITE direction of hair growth. Should any wax be left behind, you can gently lift it off the skin by pressing the strip gently against the area.

My hairs were slightly shorter than the normal 1/4″ recommended for waxing body hair but I managed to get out all but 6 hairs under one arm and 3 from the other. I thought the results were stunning!

So, is it really “Ouch-Relief”? Absolutely! While it was not 100% pain free, I didn’t hesitate at all to move on to the second strip and finish the job- a real accomplishment for me! I got the whole hair removal step done in under 30 second with outstanding results. Sometimes hesitation with waxing can cause you to not get a “clean” tear and can affect your results. I give the pair relief results 5 stars, it did exactly what I expected!


While this waxing was much more comfortable than my past experiences, there was still a touch of discomfort. I was surprised by the last step for that very reason. To finish your waxing, you receive this Azulene Finishing Oil. This stuff smells wonderful (this argon or Moroccan oil, but a touch more powdery fresh) and it not only removed all the left over wax and relieved redness but I found that on contact it also settled the discomfort I did have.

Overall, I really enjoyed this kit and would highly recommend this for beginners or even pros like myself who think they have tried and know everything!


  1. Dora J Crow says:

    It’s hard to believe that Sally Hansen OTC wax could outshine any pro product. I have used strip less wax u heat up, pot wax u have in a machine, roll on wax, microwave wax, microwave sugar. I have used GIGI Honee, Inverness, GIGI Hemp, GIGI sugar, GIGI creme, GIGI honee & any and all others available at Armstrong McCall, State Beauty Supply or Sally’s Beauty Supply. Now, in ye olden days, doing my moustache before I knew about pro wax- I tried Sally Hansen bleach cream & any & all other facial hair lighteners. My dark brown moustache turned a gorgeous joker orange! Plus, broke me out bad. Soo,, switched to Surgi-Cream depilatory creams. OMG! Talk about inflamed red whelps hives chemical burn hell! Yea. It removed hair along with skin as well! All depilatories did same thing. Nair was always awful, even on legs! Nasty smelling stuff. Ugh. Now I want to try this!! And I JUST bought TWO new bottles GIGI honee!!

    • TheRosySnail says:

      I’m just as surprised as you! Trust me, I am on heck of a GiGi fan, but when it comes to managing pain and easy clean up, this product just really shines! Credit where Credit is due! 😉

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