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You might be thinking “Why?”. Press on toes nails? And woman-to-woman, I was right there with you just a few weeks ago! My first thought was “Oooh, glitter!” followed quickly by…”can I actually wear faux toe nails?”. Turns out I can. I will. Most of all, I like it!  Get ready for a true “Ah-hah!” moment with the new Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear gel nails 🙂


Each package of toenails comes in a box, displaying a full set. Luckily, there are a total of 24 nails so you’re very likely to find the correct sizes for your toes. I wasn’t sure if my “weird toes” would work, but was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I find the right sizes, but I didn’t need to trim in any way. I almost always have to trim fake finger nails.


One of the points I really have to rave about with this particular set of false nails is the options. The kit includes everything you need for the application of your choice. You can apply these with the strong adhesive tabs or with professional strength nail glue for a longer lasting gel pedicure. I am more of a nail glue kinda girl (confession: I do NOT enjoy doing my toes!) but I like that I have options!


Kiss also thought of all the details when making the glue easy to open. No scissors needed.


Also included is a nail file to gently buff the ends of the nails with the tabs attached.  These tabs are especially useful for the tiniest of toe nails! I’m not sure how this would be possible without the tabs!

KissGelFantasyThe moment of truth! Most people couldn’t tell they were fake. Not even my husband! though he did proceed to laugh a little bit when I told him the truth! I made it a point to avoid extra water while I wore these. No extra long baths or pools and they lasted about 9 days before my youngest jumped on my foot just right and popped one off. It didn’t hurt as I’m sure they were ready to come off. I gently peeled the rest. My nails underneath were undamaged and ready for my next pair.

My overall opinion: Invest. Aside from a little cuticle prep before application, these are ZERO work, last a good while and look fantastic! I typically do my own nail art and a pedicure this glitter packed would take hours to dry. No one has time for that. These retail in the $8 range making these a bargain compared to the nail salon price.


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  1. Beth W says:

    I had no idea they made pedi ones! I’ve liked their mani nail sheets very much, and like you, I dislike painting my toenails, so this is a perfect solution. Thanks!

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