New Grande Rouge Lipsticks by Yves Rocher


I’ve been a fan of Yves Rocher perfumes and body products for quite some time now and I’ve even ventured out and tried some of their face products, but one thing that is completely new for me is their color cosmetics. When they told me they would send me an assortment of products to try out, color cosmetics didn’t even cross my mind, but did you know that Yves Rocher is the number one selling MAKEUP line in France? I had no idea but I tend to believe that most French women have good taste! When my package arrives, I pulled out these six gold beauties and I was SO happy with what was inside!


This is a NEW release by Yves Rocher and they call these lipticks Grande Rouge. These lipsticks are packed full of long lasting color (up to 6 hours of wear time) and in testing, 89% of women said they noticed smoother lips. (I have to skip ahead a bit and tell you, I AM in that 89%!) These lipsticks look and feel incredible! Plus, they smell good! Yes, I never would have thought that lipstick would smell so nice, but there is a floral and slightly fruity fragrance to each shade and it’s just divine!

DSCN8541From front to back, I have:
Rouge Vif.
Mauve Pastel.
Rose Petillant.
Rose Poudre.
Cortail Etincelant.
Beige Radieux.


When I first received these lip sticks, I thought I knew right off the bat which was my favorite, but the more I swatched them and then tried them on, the harder it was to decide. Fact is, there is not a bad shade in the bunch and they all look stunning against my skin tone. I’d call almost all of these universally flattering.

The consistency and feel of these lipsticks puts them miles ahead of some of the other brands I own. I tend to be really into matte lipsticks, but these are so creamy, you forget you’re wearing them and I love that! Normally, these beautiful lipsticks retail for $16 each, but you can save 43% and grab them for only $9 each! Which is great, because I think I need a few more!

Overall, I was blown away by my first Yves Rocher cosmetic items and I can’t wait to dive in to the other amazing makeup they have to offer!


  1. Kelli Bliss says:

    Amazing review! I do have to say I’m not much of a lipstick person but those colors sure are amazing! They are beautiful!

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