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If you haven’t heard of Rock Your Hair, I’m sure these bright pink, bejeweled bottles have at least caught your eye on one occasion. I first saw these at Ulta and from that point on, I was dying to try them! Rock Your Hair is like having your own personal hair stylist in a bottle. The company is dedicated to giving you big, sexy hair in easy to achieve ways. They have one goal: bringing back big hair. Volume is King…or Queen 😉 I got the chance to try these 6 new products and I have to say, this Texas girl is a fan of how they do big hair!

DSCN0002 (2)Up first I tried the Big Hair Rocks Shampoo & Conditioner. These aren’t exactly new products since this duo is a the first step in the regiment to really rock your hair, but they just recently released these adorable 2oz travel size! Unlike most companies, Rock Your Hair sacrificed none of their flare when they shrunk the size of their bottles, gotta admire that! The first thing that stood out to me, after the bejeweled bottles of course, was the great smell! These smell fresh and clean without being too perfumed (that way they mesh well with all my perfumes, lotions and oils.) Even on their own, I saw a big difference in my hair after a quick blow dry. I’d call these a little blow out in a bottle!

DSCN0005 (2)Next I tried the Rock Your Hair Miracle Leave-in Conditioner Weightless Detangler. This product is 100% addictive! This makes my hair feel absolutely incredible! I’ve got oily roots so it’s no secret that I shy away from leave in products or deep conditioning anything so it took me a good week before I finally gave in and tried this. Best decision I’ve made in a long time! It really is lightweight (when you apply in correctly, that will vary depending on how thick your hair is, so start with a little then add more as needed. You can always add more, you can’t take it off.) I also love that this product is good for all hair types so it’s just a great all around tangle tamer.

DSCN0007 (2)I also loved the Bombshell Big Hair Powder. this is similar to a Dry shampoo but in an easy to use little powder bottle. This ended up being a great perk-me-up for a classic Texan teasing session. I love how this is only lightly fragrant and is even more light weight than a dry shampoo. A little goes a long way and because it’s a white powder, you want to be exceptionally light handed to keep it from showing in your hair. This little bottle gives a fresh scent, lights, thickens and volumizes, all in one sprinkle.

DSCN0008 (2)I found this really easy to apply with a small sifter lid. Nice touch!

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I just had to show the cute detailing on these bottles! Love!

DSCN0011 (2)First up was Spray It Hard. This is, like most of the Rock Your Hair products, a volume money-maker. This is Rock Your Hair’s #1 Award winning hairspray and I can understand why. This hair spray gives maximum, hard hold that lasts through things you’d never expect!  Aside from the great hold this spray offers, it also gives instant body and fullness. For a long-lasting, strong hold, this is a must have!

DSCN0012 (2)Lastly, Size Matters. This is also a “big volume” spray  but this one is a root lifter. I did find that this did give SOME hold and was perfect for all over curls. If you’re a fan of teasing and blow outs, this is going to fast become your all time favorite pre-blow dry spray. This is all the volume at my roots that I’m looking for without that tacky, waxy feeling I’ve gotten from so many others on the market. I really enjoyed that my hair still felt clean after using this! Well done, Rock Your Hair!

Out of all the new products, I admit is was SO hard to name a favorite! There is just really a great product for any of your hair needs and nothing under performs in its area of expertise. You’ve got to give credit where credit is due! With this entire system, there is no way you could walk away with anything but amazing, voluminous hair! If you’re looking for more body in your do, be sure and check out Rock Your Hair!

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