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I’m lucky now at 23 to not have to battle with acne, but that was NOT always the case. When I think back on my pimple faced teen years, I recall discovering a brand that really made all the difference. Whether it was my blackheads or my monthly breakouts, OXY Skin Care was always there to take the sting out of acne. I recently heard about a few new releases so I reached out to try some of them!

There are three new products in the Daily Defense Line. I’m a big advocate for washing your face daily (to remove makeup AND dirt and oil if you’re a makeup wearer) so the Daily Defense line just makes the most sense to me.

First, I tried the OXY Daily Defense face wash. This wash was super gentle on my skin and unlike a lot of acne treatments I’ve tried, it didn’t dry out my skin. For something meant for daily use, it’s really important that it leaves my skin balanced. This face wash left my face feeling clean without too much of that striped feeling.

Next, I tried the Face Scrub. I’m a HUGE fan of exfoliating and this scrub was a dream to use. Slightly gritty like you would expect but plenty of bubbles to help keep the experience feeling more mild. Both the wash and the scrub have a great clean scent that was unisex so I’d call these great for both men and women, or boys and girls 🙂

Lastly, I used the Hydrating Body Wash. I’ve never used an acne product on any place other than my face, so this was a new one for me. I’m not prone to body acne but I’d be a liar if I said I NEVER had a strange stray pimple! This body wash smells great, feels great and provides a nice lather. I could see using this one everyday for sure. I noticed this really helped to but oil on my upper back and chest while I’m sure are what causes my stray pimples to begin with. (especially in the summer time when I’m sweating a lot) This will probably be a product I repurchase. I’m not ashamed 😉

Overall, I really loved the new additions and OXY continues to be a brand I trust for keeping Acne under wraps!



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