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Did you happen to know the new badges to the right? I’ve recently been selected (along with 39 other bloggers) to become an Aveeno Brand Ambassador! I’m so honored and excited to bring you all the latest news, products and reviews from one of the best and more affordable skin care lines on the market. I first discovered Aveeno when my first child was born over 3-years ago. He had mild eczema, but because he was pre-mature, I was scared to use anything on him to help treat his skin. I opted to change from the traditional baby washes and shampoos and try Aveeno Naturals. The change in his skin was almost instant and he’s had only two flare ups since he was a newborn. This was only the beginning of our venture into all the great products by Aveeno. I’m happy today to share a few more NEW releases from this brand!


The Aveeno Nourish + Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner have a nice, light, clean scent and are also light weight on my hair. I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I get a touch of dandruff. Winter is hard on my scalp and I spend a lot of time telling my husband “No, it’s just dry skin!” to which is reminds me THAT is what dandruff is: dry skin on your scalp! This shampoo and conditioner is moisturizing without being oily, heavily perfumed or turning my head into a ball of grease. So far, I’m loving this duo.

DSCN8763There is also a 2-in-1 option for those who love to get it all done in one step. I’m a fan of separates, but this is a great way to save money or get your conditioning in when you’re in a pinch! I found that both this and the separate worked well and left my hair soft and silky!

DSCN8764Aveeno lotions are probably my favorite products that Aveeno makes. They smell like oatmeal and other amazing natural ingredients. Their lotions absorb easily in to the skin and leave lasting results.

DSCN8765I’m so used to sunscreen smelling like SPF that it’s hard to remember that I’m wearing sun protection when I use Aveeno products. This newest release also helps to reverse dehydration in your skin- which happens easily when you’re having fun in the sun.

DSCN8766This new Healing Ointment is a real miracle product. My husband had severely dry and cracked hands (to the point of bleeding) and after two nights of this ointment and aloe gloves, his hands are nearly back to their average condition. This ointment has no smell and is clear so it’s perfect for men and women and it REALLY works. I plan to use this on my hands and feet often for a moisture boost.

DSCN8769I’m addicted to night creams so I was really excited to see this Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream! This thick, moisture rich cream goes a long was as an overnight because pick-me-up. I woke up with soft, supple, refreshed skin. I’ll need to use it for several more days to be sure it doesn’t have any pore clogging effects or that it doesn’t break me out, but so far A+ on this one!

DSCN8771It seems like everyone is getting in on the BB Cream craze but I have to say, I’m glad! BB Cream does so many amazing things for your skin! I’ve been dying to try this one by Aveeno and now That I’ve finally got it, I  can say it was worth the wait! This BB Cream is the 5th I’ve tried and definitely my favorite. It’s lightweight, blends well with my skin and while it evens my skin tone and covers subtle blemishes and masks redness, it looks JUST like my skin. This will be perfect for the Spring time when I’m hoping to really let my skin breathe!

Overall, I’m REALLY excited for these new products and I can’t wait to be on the look out for what else is upcoming in the world of Aveeno! I’ll keep you all updated as I learn about new releases 🙂 Feel free to click on the button to the right to check out Aveeno for yourself!

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