Morgan Taylor Beauty & The Beast Collection

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’ll be seeing a lot of features about getting ready for a romantic day/night out on February 14th! If you want to see the full series, check out the Valentine’s Day Tab on my homepage! I thought I would kick  it off with a perfect marriage of nail polish and the most classic Disney love story there ever was. If you haven’t heard, Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer put together a stunning 7 color collection in collaboration with the live action remake of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast set to release in less than two months on March 17 of this year. I am SO excited to see this film and was just excited to get my hands on these gorgeous polishes!

For some swatches, I went in the order shown above. Up first is Plumette with Excitement. When I read all the shade names, everything made sense to me except this one. I thought of plumes of feathers and thought, oh, the feather duster but did she have a name? In the Disney animated film, no. She was simply called FeatherDuster but for the new version, she got a seriously glam make over the a beautiful new name.

That being said, the soft pink shade fits with the new, sassy look and this polish preforms wonderfully. This swatch is just two coats for full coverage. I have fair skin with pink undertones and this was just an ever-so-slightly pink, perfect nude shade on me.

Next, Days In The Sun (shown here in direct sunlight, you can see this in more neutral lighting on my Instagram here.) is probably my favorite of the collection. I don’t own a yellow like this at all and I think that this formulation and the slight pink shift makes it stand out from the crowd. This required 2 coats but I have applied this twice and once I did 3 extra thin coats. This one is probably in the middle for most people.

The lightest color in this collection is this alabaster shade called Potts of Tea. Mrs. Potts and Chip were always my favorite characters and if you’re a fan, you’ll see why this almost china white shade (with a fun twist) was named after her. This has a stunning grey undertone with magenta shift and maybe a hint of gold? It’s hard to tell. I so really love that there aren’t many flat, creme colors in this line up! Bravo, Morgan Taylor, Bravo!

Speaking of creme polishes, there are two, but they’re stunning! This pale blue is called Gaston and on and on and I giggle every time I read this name. It’s just the right amount of sass and tolerance for Gaston’s antics for me to see Belle naming this one. This blue, at a glance, seems like a “tiffany blue” but I’ve compared it to all the other’s in my collection and it’s just slightly lighter and dustier than anything in my (rather large) collection. They aren’t the same, they’re similar. The formula, however, is more opaque and impressive than nearly all of them.

The other creme in this collection is called Be Our Guest and oh the nostalgia of being a kid in the 90’s! This pink creme is again, just not quite like any other medium pinks in my collection. It’s got that same dusty vibe to the finished look that makes it just slightly less loud and just the right amount of wearable for anything you’ve got going on. This was just shy of being perfect in one coat and if you had shorter nails, you could probably get away with one good coat.

The true one-coat-wonder of the bunch was The Last Petal and wowza. This polish is so packed with burgundy and cherry red shimmer that I could faint. I found this so easy to work with (partly because of the wide, nail hugging brush on these polishes and party because it’s a well formulate polish.) This is an especially great color for Valentine’s Day.

Lastly, this polish is called Enchanted Patina and it’s a gorgeous topper for any of the shades in the collection. I love the concept behind this seeing as the whole movie/movie set has a great aged patina look to it. This swatch is just one coat on bare nails in direct sunlight. Since this is a topper, it is a thin formula but you can build it up to full coverage in about 4 coats. That sounds excessive, but it is an extremely thin polish and 4 coats does not seem like 4 coats at all.

This collection and the corresponding Gelish mini collection are slated for Spring of this year. It’s not up on the Morgan Taylor website just yet, but I did spot it at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply so I would go check yours as well!
I’ll be swatching and giving you the inside scoop on the Gelish versions of these bad boys as well so if you’re into a 2 week manicure, be looking for that!



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