Mishibox December 2015 + GIVEAWAY


I’m sorry if anyone is bored by seeing two NEW subscription boxes back to back, but if that is how you feel then a.) Stop reading now and b.) We can’t be friends because subscriptions are bae. k.bye. For everyone else, I’m so, so stupid excited about this box! Mishibox is a box that focuses on Korean Beauty brands. Not to bring up a stereotype but I always hear that Asian brands know skincare. I used to think, once upon a moon, that it was just that Asian women had amazing skin and it was a completely unattainable standard but no. They make amazing skin care and said Asian women buy and use before mentioned skin care and BAM. Baby butt skin. I’m in.

I also apologize for the dark photos here. It’s cloudy out. All. Darn. Day….Gross.
So, Mishbox is $19.95 per month and it ships out the 15th of every month. Apparently business is good because they are sold out of this December box completely. Inside the box you get full size Korean beauty products.


This month’s box was really full and padded with some festive green and red paper worms. Love.


Again, I’m so sorry this photo is dark but you can click to enlarge any of these images if you need to see more clearly. On the front of this card, it reads “Mishibox Discover Korean Beauty” and it has so really great information that is so smart like how to tell an “expiration date” from a “manufactured date”. That’s something that’s been a little muddled in the past as we don’t normally see that on American or Canadian products but a lot of foreign brands put the date a product was made with an expiration date or instead of one. There is also information on the brands, testing products on the skin for reactions and a 20% off code…heeeey.


Here is a list of what’s inside. We got 6 full size goodies. I’m not sure what is “promised” in the box as far as how many or if they are guaranteed full size each month but I’ve read previous reviews and it seems like you always get 5-6 items and they are always full size.



Going in order on the card, up first was the A’pieu  Nonco Tea Tree Spot Patch. This is actually a packet with 12 “spots” inside. You essentially put these over pimples or blemishes, leave them on for 8-12 hours and they should clean it right up! I love tea tree for acne and I think this is a genius idea! One packet like this retails for just $1.50 so if you love it, they’re a steal!


This next product is something I’ve actually heard a lot about! This is the Missha Konjac Cleansing Puff. Subscribers received either the black one which is charcoal and good for oilier skin and clearing blackheads or this white one which is better for drier skin and helping skin retail moisture. I’m certainly more on the oily side but if I needed the white one ever it would be now while winter is really closing it’s grip on central Texas. (It’s 64 degrees outside and I’m a drama queen).


This retails for $5 and I cannot wait to rub it all over my wittle face!


I wasn’t expecting it, but I did get a makeup item as well! I’ve so far seen lipbalms in this box but this is the first I’ve seen a REAL makeup item. This is the Tony Moly Delight Circle Lens Mascara. If you aren’t familiar with circle contact lenses, they make your eyes look bigger so this mascara is essentially meant to do the same.


We could have gotten a volumizing version or a curling & lengthening version. They weren’t labeled and while one is pink and the other is teal, the card didn’t specify which was which but I’m going to say this one is curl and length from looking over the brush. This retails for $8 and so far, I’m really enjoying this! (Says the girl who never likes “drug store” mascara!)


Next, meet bae. Bae is my new Tony Moly PEACH hand cream that I never want to use but like to sniff and want to stare at from over my computer screen at all hours of the day…and night. Isn’t this the cutest?! Tony Moly is probably one of the best known Korean beauty brands and partially because their products are packages so adorably. I’ve seen a few Tony Moly products in Ulta recently so you know they’re getting big in the USA.

DSC00616Aside from the cute factor, it smells amazing and it’s super hydrating and my cuticles are already in love. This beauty is a little expensive for hand cream at $12 but it works really well for it’s intended purpose and for my vanity so, winning.


This one may have the most “generic packaging” out of the bunch but I’m so incredibly tickled to try this! Partly because I already know I freaking love this type of product but also because I’m currently paying $65 for 2.1oz of product. Ew. This one is by Tosowoong and it’s the Enzyme Powder Wash. Basically, what you do is you pour a bit of powder into your hand and add some water and wash. Mishibox says you should use it with a cleansing puff. See what they did there? I see you Mishibox. What’s neat about these powder face washes is that you can really control how deep your clean is by making more of a paste than a cream to exfoliate or getting a deeper clean by choosing to use a tool like a clarisonic or a cleansing puff. It’s an amazing concept and I hope this one is all my dreams come true in a bottle for $12. Please, please, please, please, please rock! Trying this as soon as I’m done here….soooo


To wrap this up, also by Tosowoong, we got the Green Tea Mask Pack. If you don’t love sheet masks and if you don’t love green tea, why are you even here?! These two things are amazing on their own but now I have them together. Would it be weird if I drank green tea while my skin drank green tea? Is that too much green tea? This is suppose to sooth and hydrate so if you go a little crazy using some of these other products or they don’t agree with you, this can be your fallback. I’ve never heard of anyone reacting to green tea. This baby is another steal at $2.

Adding it all up, this box, which was $19.95, came with a whopping $40.50 worth of Korean Beauty Goodies. Not only was the presentation fun and it was a treat to get in the mail, but you got a 50% discount on all the contents. I also love how I’m not scrambling for product info like I would be had I ordered these on my own. Not only is the included card a treasure trove of information but you can also go to their website for a full translation of their ingredients on everything. Perfection! I love Mishibox so much that I have decided to take the plunge and subscribe. I just had to. I loved everything so so much and I cannot wait to see what’s next!

To celebrate my new monthly best friend, I’m doing a giveaway. From me to you! It’s SO easy to enter! All you have to do is CLICK HERE and find a product on the Mishibox website (under $50) that you would like to try, look carefully! Then, come back here and comment what you would be most excited to try! One Friday (Christmas), I’ll pick one lucky lady from the comments to win whatever item she picked! If you tell your friends and we get a lot of comments, I’ll do an extra winner because Christmas and…Korean Beauty. Okay.


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