Maybelline “Gilded in Gold” Palette


I feel like Maybelline might be bringing back some old school vibes with this one, but as always I’m happy to see things that are easily giftable this time of year! This is the new Maybelline Gilded in Gold palette. That’s right, a “drug store” brand with a palette is rare, but when you see this bad boy opened up, you’ll understand why this old school palette is totally okay by me.


Just in time for Christmas, Maybelline released two of these “palettes” or as they call them, “kits”. They essentially contain everything you need to do a complete face look minus a few essentials that you likely already have (in this case foundation/powder and mascara). This all-in-one kit is not only great for gifting, but also perfect for those who are unsure how to pair different colors for a completed look.


To make it even easier, there is an easy to follow “get the look” pictuorial on the back.


Inside, there are 4 eyeshadows, one blush, a red lipgloss, a black eyeliner, applicators, plus, when you open it up, a highlighter and puff.


Opened up, you have access to all the products and a fairly large sized mirror. I love the soft neutral eyeshadow shades wit a hint of gold. The highlight and blush shade are wearable for so many skin tones and for a little glam, the lipgloss is a bright red and the black is a deep, deep black for the liner.


I have no doubt that anyone could come up with a look if gifted this kit! All the shades are stunning and swatch beautifully. While this entire kit is only $14.99 (at Target or Ulta), I don’t believe the quality is compromised at all. The value is great for everything you get! I don’t find a lot of use for the applicators and I just use my brushes instead, but they’re great to keep on hand because should you be traveling and packing light or end up having to stay the night somewhere unplanned, this kit is PERFECT!

Stay tuned on social media to see a few looks I put together with this kit and if you know someone who would love this, check out your local Ulta or Target to grab one, or two!

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