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DSC00288 is, you guessed it, the go-to site for those who want the serious low down on Whiskey and other fine liquors. They not only carry the most impressive selection but they know a thing or two about the products they carry. Not only can they tell you the different notes in any particular liquor they carry, but they happen to be Masters of gift giving, too! They carry a fun little Whiskey Advent Calender filled with whiskey by the dram.

A “dram” is a fancy sounding unit of measurement used mostly when talking about alcohol that is 30ml or, in the USA- 1oz. So, it’s a shot, if you’re not in college and drinking way beyond your body’s tolerance. (No judgement, we’ve all been there.)

DSC00290Everyday, starting December 1st, you open one “window” to reveal a dram of Whiskey. I got chocolate advent calendars as a child and I need to tell you all, we’ve been doing it wrong. Whiskey is the obvious winner here. You can make a mixed drink or… simply pour these over ice.


Day 1 was a 25-year-old Whiskey that is hands down, the smoothest whiskey I’ve ever tried in my entire life. Plus, let’s not ignore the fact that these “drams” are absolutely adorable. These wax dipped bottles come with “screw tops” making them easy to get into even if you’ve spent all of December 6th catching up on the days you missed. (True Story)

This has to be the most amazing luxe gift to give the man (or woman) if your life who can truly appreciate a good drink. You can find this Red version HERE or search all the Christmas Gift ideas on the site!



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