Love With Food Deluxe April 2015 RANT

I normally try to “space out” my subscription boxes a little bit, but I just got my Love With Food box. This is a brand new subscription for me and I thought this would be a fun change of pace  from my beauty boxes. Unfortunately, this one is a bit of a rant. If you’re not familiar with Love With Food, this is a monthly box that is $10 a month + $2 shipping for their “tasting box” (which is 8-10 snacks) or $19.95 per month for their Deluxe box. Shipping is included and is suppose to be 16-20 snacks. There are discounts available when you purchase more than one month at a time and those options are a 6 month plan and a year plan. They have a very small point system, you get 10 points per month with a tasting box and 20 points with the Deluxe box. As I learned today, you can’t use any of your points until you have enough to cover an item completely or $10….each point equals 1 cent. So, basically, this is useless. It looks like you can also earn 10 points for a review, that would be an extra 100 points for this box. Still nowhere near the 1000 points needed to begin spending. At that rate, it would take 10 months. Forever.

Correction: LoveWithFood confirmed that you must have enough points to cover the ENTIRE amount. Most of their products are in “bulk” and have a price tag over $20.


This month’s theme was Starry Nights. Not sure how everything fits into this theme, but it’s still a pretty picture and a sweet gesture.


Inside the paper, there is more information on the items in the box. There are clear markers for items that are Non GMO, Gluten free and Vegan. I love this. There is also more information on the product and how to connect via social media with the brands. This is well thought out and laid out in a way that is easy to navigate.

First on the list was this Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread cookie pack. There are 2 in this one pack. I’ve had products by this brand before and they’re okay. Not too excited about these but I’m sure someone in the house will scoop them up. This is a sample value of $.92



Inside the box, I also got 2 of these Pasta Chips bags in “Garlic Olive Oil”. I cannot even describe how amazing these are. I’m addicted. I’ve already made sure I can purchase these in stores in my area and I can’t wait to get my hands on more! I ate one bag already and nicely told my husband the other is his. (Secretly hoping he shares it with me, of course.) This is a sample value of $1.80



Next on the list was two of these Green Tea Tropical tea bags by Mighty Leaf tea. Out of all the tea companies that work with subscription boxes that I’ve tried, Mighty Leaf is definitely my favorite. This has hints of pineapple and smells amazing. I’ve got this steeping right now. This is one of their best sellers. The two tea bags is a sample value of $1.33

Update: Newest tea OBSESSION right here. Perfect for summer and does not need a drop of additional sugar (this coming from a sweet tea addict.)



I was excited to see a mix of sweet and savory snacks. We’re big fans of Yum Earth. These are sour and covered in sugar. Perfect for a sweet treat! This is  a sample value of $1.58




I have a weakness for lemon flavored baked goods and a weakness for Luna Bars PLUS Luna Bars recently went Gluten Free so I’m happy with this treat! I couldn’t find minis for sale anywhere but these two make almost a full size bar making this a sample value of $1.25

These Back to Nature chocolate chip cookies were good. Nothing mind blowing. I do have a brand of gluten free cookies I already know and love so I’m okay with not falling in love with these. This was a sample value of $1.03



My husband is going to absolutely love this. It’s a snack pack with hummus and quinoa chips. I’m not big on hummus but I’m the only one in the house that isn’t so this will go fast! This pack is worth $2.50




We got two different flavors of Popcorners. One of these is gluten free. I haven’t tried these yet, but they sound pretty darn good! I like salty snacks so I’m sure I’ll like these! This is a sample value of $1.58


Lastly, I got this Liz Lovely Chocolate Moose Dragon cookie. This sounds absolutely sinful. I can’t wait to try this and I’ve promised half to the hubby. The three key words here are Chocolate, Fudge and Cookie. I’ll take it. These are big cookies and a dozen will set you back $30 making this a sample value of $2.50


So, if you’ve made it this far, you probably noticed I was really happy with the selection and really liked the flavors of the products I already tore into. You might be wondering why this is a rant post. As I mentioned in the start of this post, the Deluxe size box is promised to have 16-20 SNACKS. If you’ve been keeping track, I’ve received 12 snacks plus two teas. I emailed LoveWithFood and got an impersonal, automated response that my feedback would be passed along and that the hummus and chips pack counted as two items this month (I can see that and accept that) and 500 points for the shop was thrown my way. If I could the teas and the “two pack” of hummus and chips, I still only received 15 items. I’m not alone in this. My box was exactly the same size and number of items as every subscriber this month. People who got the tasting size box also only received 7 items (that is the total if you factor in the hummus and chips being TWO items). Overall, I feel shorted and a bit lied to. Since this was my first box, I’m less than impressed. I really just want what I paid for. Period.

The value of my snacks was $14.49. This is less than the $19.95 price tag, but if you factor in shipping and discovering new foods, I’m happy with this value. I also received some coupons and 3 months free to (which is worth $30 on it’s own).

 UPDATE: As you can see below, Love With Food did a great job of reaching out to me and trying to make me happy. They even offered me a full refund. I replied to them on Facebook and instead of a refund. I got some more points for their shop so I can get my hands on some more tea or pasta chips. I’m signed on for at least 3 months with LWF so let’s hope I get a few more items next month!


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