Lilee Box February 2015

Lilee is the first high end, luxury Subscription I’m trying in 2016 and I have to say, the bar is set very high! I first heard about Lilee box from some of the amazing ladies over at Beauty Box 5. Lilee is, like I said, a high end box so the price tag is higher than boxes like BB5 at $49 but comes with much, much more than 5 beauty samples.


Lilee touches on style and home goods while still delivering amazing beauty finds. You can get great deals by selecting a long subscription, saving $21 (a year) with a 4 month plan or get a whopping $89 savings by signing up for a year up front. Lilee also promises $120 PLUS worth of goodies each month. The shipping is free in the US and they ship to Canada too for a $10 shipping fee.

If you’re a little bored with tiny beauty samples or if you’re like me and you can NEVER get enough beauty but enjoy lifestyle goodies too, Lilee is one to check out!


This month’s theme is “Write Stuff”, but Lilee isn’t taking that too literally. She says that these days, you don’t have to be a famous author or columnist (Carrie Bradshaw anyone) to influence and create. Go out and do it! Inside are some great tools to get you started.


You get a lovely card from Lilee and on the reverse is a list of everything in the box. This month features 8 full size goodies (WOAH!). Plus, every month, you get a little pack of bonus minis!


Going in order of the card: First we got this Custom Lilee Colored Pencil Ruler Box, a $14.99 value.


I really thought this was adorable and perfect timing! I am currently obsessed with adult coloring books and I’ve been in love with stationary most of my life. These pencils are smooth and have wonderful color pay off. I also really like that these have a rounded, smooth edge so they don’t hurt my hands when I’ve spent my entire evening coloring tiny details in a book!


Sticking with the stationary theme, we also got this Pelham Goods Notebook. This ruled notebook has a fun sunset and palm tree picture. The note in the box says that there were assorted prints sent out, so I’m on the lookout to see what everyone else got! These retail for $10.


From time to time Lilee will “Sneak Peek” items on their Instagram and the first one they shared this month was this bad boy!


This is the Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette worth a whopping $39. This palette is absolutely beautiful and perfect for someone who wants to have everything in one place! There are 6 eyeshadows, a lid/all over color, bronzer, highlighter and blush. The blush in this palette reminds me of TheBalm’s “Hot Mama” which is one of my all time favorites. The bronzer does have shimmer in it, but the brown eyeshadow right above it would make a great contour color so,  I could really see doing my whole face with this one palette. I love the light-weight cardboard packaging for traveling.


We also got one of my favorite types of products: brows! This is the Ideal Match Marbeleized Brow Pencil in Light/Medium by Prestige Cosmetics. I’m a fan of Prestige Cosmetics and their affordable price point. This pencil retails for $5.50 Since I’ve yet to try a brow products from their line, I was so pumped to give this a go!


I have fairly dark eyebrows (they grow in black) but I fill them in lighter because my hair on my head is brown. I normally fill mine in with a dark brown or at times an “auburn” but this pencil is great in that the more pressure you apply, the darker the color pay off. If you get too much color, you can easily comb your brows through to soften it.


Here is an example of what I’m talking about, all of these swatches are with the same pencil! As long as you don’t fill in your brows black, it’s likely this color will work for you!


Not only was the palette in this month’s box nearly a full face, but we have just about everything else to complete the look! Including this Velvet Lip in “Love Velvet” by Mirabella. This luxury lippie is a $25 value. This smooth velvet lip color is a true red red which is flattering on a variety of skin tones. While this lippie looks matte, it stays creamy and never dries down to a true matte feel. I like that about it. It does stain a true red on the lips after an hour or so of wear which I really like because if you went out to dinner, you wouldn’t go from a bold lip to a no lip. If I had to say something negative about this product it would be that you’ll need the right size sharpener on hand!


The last pencil in this box is the Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Orchid by Starlooks, which retails for $16. When Starlooks first launched, I had several of these Gem pencils but they were all light shades and I was really excited to see this medium/deep purple. These pencils have an amazing silver shimmer in them and are ultra creamy. They never dry down. This means that they make for amazing smudging pencils or shadow bases but you can’t really rely on them for your water line or a sharp, all day line. I love to lay pencils down to create a cut cream or to smudge the lower lash line and the sparkle is the perfect touch. (Also, this color looks AMAZING with the palette in this month’s box!!)


For all our amazing pencils (or whatever else you want) we also got this Primrose Hill London Pencil Case. This beauty only costs $7.99 and I want to own a million of them!


This pencil bag has a cool coral interior and can easily hold an entire face worth of makeup (minus a bulky palette).  When Lilee posted this on Instagram, I was also drawn to an adorable floral printed on that some subscribers received this month! So, so cute! I love makeup, but this might be my favorite item this month.


The last item in the box (aside from the bonus pouch) was Heelho. I had the extreme honor of meeting the ladies behind the Heelho last month and I have to tell you- funny name, serious game changer! I plan to do an entire review on this product (and a giveaway!) very, very soon but for now, if you’re a heel wearer, you NEED this donut shaped insole. Stat! This beauty retails for $11.99 but I’ll have a $1 off code for you guys, too!

If you’re keeping track, the value of this month’s box is a whopping $130.47. Mind you, that’s nearly 3x the cost of the box!


Every month, you also get some fun minis, these are just cute trial size goodies from Lilee. Everything else in the box is always full size!


Inside, we got the Bodipure Keratin Gloves and the Elizabeth Mott “Thank Me Later” eye primer. I’m already SUCH a big fan of both these products. This eye primer even works with fine glitter pigments! These gloves, are super hydrating for the nails and cuticles and funny enough, you can even use a touch screen while you wear them! I’m not sure if that was by design but I thought it was genius! The eye primer is the serious icing on the cake to making your eye look with the palette last all day and night!

I cannot get enough of Lilee and if you’re on the hunt for a box that is going to pack a serious punch with beauty and lifestyle products, Lilee is $49 a month and I know you won’t be disappointed!

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