Kiss Kiss lipstick set by VMV Hypoallergenics

When it comes to beauty products, I’m guilty of completely ignoring what MIGHT be in them. I’m allergic to a great range of random things like latex, kiwi and chlorine. You wouldn’t expect those to be in many things, but I’ve had allergic reactions to everything from my fitness tracker to bottled water to cotton. Did you know that rubber latex bands can contain latex or that cotton and water are often treated with chlorine bleach? Yikes. When it comes to beauty products, there is one brand that is 100% hypoallergenics. That’s a fancy word for free of allergens. VMV Hypoallergenics carries cosmetics, body and skin care perfect for those sensitive to ingredients or those looking for gentle, good-for-you options. I got the chance to try out their adorable Kiss Kiss Lipstick Set just in time for Valentine’s Day!

In this set, there are 3 of teir beautiful lipsticks in two finishes. There is one Velvet Matte Finish in “Light My Fire” and in their Subtle Shine formula, the kit includes “Strawberry Fields” and “Alizarin”.

Each tube comes in a classic, silver packaging with the name written around the cap. Each lipstick is normally $27 each but the kit is only $53, making each lipstick only $17 and some change.

(Top to bottome: Velvet Matte in “Light My Fire”, “Strawberry Fields” and “Alizarin”- both in the Suble Shine formula) I really loved the wear and both formulas. As you might expect, the matte formula was a little drier, but it was still very comfortable on the lips and didn’t settle into any lip lines. The other two were fairly glossy but not sticky and also did not bleed. Each shade offered a bit of a stain as well. Some people hate that, but I think if a lipstick stains just a little, then it looks better as it wears throughout the day and you’re less likely to need a touch up.

I’m posting lip swatches of these fun lipsticks on my Instagram so be sure and follow me there to see these colors on! Don’t forget to visit VMV Hypoallergenics for these lipsticks and more products!

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