Keep the Love Flowing with Winc Wines

I feel like I find a way to tell people that there IS a subscription for THAT no matter what the topic. I’m happy to report that there is a subscription for those true Wine-o’s. This Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to gift wine with Winc Wines and their subscription!  We got the chance to try out their questionnaire and sample a 4-bottle shipment! More below!

With Winc Wines, they customize your delivery to your taste. They ask you 6 taste related questions like How do you like your coffee? How do you feel about salt? And more. All the questions make it easy for them to recommend wines. They’ll choose 4 bottles for you, but you can change them our if you’d like. I went with the 4 recommended bottles and received 2 red and 2 white (based on a question on my preference for red vs. white wine).

As you can see above, we drank the Wonderful Wine white wine blend with our Blue Apron meal and it was the perfect classic white wine to pair with the vegetarian noodle dish we made. I am still waiting for Valentine’s Day to crack open at least one of these, but tonight, we’re trying the Alma Libre.

I would say I love red and white wines equally, but this red wine was exceptional and while I liked the white wine with our pasta dish, this red wine was an amazing evening wine for us! It was bold, but still smooth which is everything I look for in a red! I will absolutely keep an eye out for this one again when I need a good red wine or just to keep my wine rack looking full.

I’ll admit, wine is a huge part of my social life and my quiet nights in with the hubby which makes this a great subscription to try around Valentine’s Day or other holidays. I’ve already got 4 more bottles picked out for my next delivery! You can order from in any amount you want, but if you order 4 bottles or more, you get free shipping! So, for 4 bottles at $13 each, my next shipment would only be $52. I would easily spend that at my local grocery or liquor store but I’d be walking in and blindly guessing at the flavors or straining to read bottles and pretend I know more about wine than I really do. Let’s face it, sometimes wine shopping is difficult!

Winc Wines is a great, hassle free way to get wine delivered to your door that is sure to fit your palette! 

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