Kawaii Box January 2017

Hey guys! As promised, I’ve got more fabulous subscriptions to share with you this year! While you’re sure to see a lot of beauty related boxes floating around the web, I often find myself telling people that there are subscription boxes for just about anything! Everything from coffee to socks to feminine hygiene products. So, at no surprise, I discovered Kawaii Box. The word “kawaii” literally translated to “cute” in Japanese and as you’d guess, this subscription is full of cute, Japanese items.

Kawaii Box is $19.80 a month and inside, you get 10-12 items from Japan and Korea. One thing that I noticed about Kawaii box that I personally really love is that everyone will receive the same items each month but there are variations on each item. For instance, you could get a different print, different flavor, different character, etc of the same item. That keeps it interesting for me! Shipping is FREE world wide with Kawaii Box. Because it’s an international box, the shipping is a little slow, but I think it’s worth the wait!

Here is a peek at what’s in this box! As you can see, the box is completely full! Kawaii box contains a big assortment of items like trinkets, stationary, snacks, beauty items and more. There is no guarantee on what types of items you’ll get, but they will all be kawaii.

There are 11 items in this months’ box, so going down the list on the card- first thing is this Glico Popcan Disney Lollipop.

This Mickey Mouse shaped sucker is strawberry flavored and tastes absolutely amazing. I think this one taught me that the only drawback of Kawaii Box is that if I fall in love with something, it’s not easy to get more!

Next was this Nemuneko Plushie. I had never heard of this character before, but I adore cats and this plushie is super well made and absolutely adorable!

I was most excited to see stationary items in this box because I adore kawaii pens and such. This is a Korean meal set erasers. Each of the pieces can be pulled apart. Even the egg can be cracked in half and the yolk pulled out. I don’t know that I’ll use these because I don’t want to mess them up!

More stationary! These heart stickers are literally made of plush material!! I’m absolutely obsessed and can’t wait to use these. I put stickers on my computer, my notebooks and in letters/notes so I cant’ wait to use these!

We also got a full sheet of these Twinkle Deco Jewels. I love the oversized ones the most! I’ll absolutely use these, too!

I thought this was the funniest item in the box, but I can’t wait to use it. This ring attaches to your phone (or phone case) and you can use it as a stand for your phone or I use one that’s on my phone case now to get a good grip on my phone while taking selfies or videos. It comes especially in handy when I’m around water and worried I’ll drop my phone near a pool or in the bathroom 🙂

We also received this cute ribbon hair clip. This is a hard acrylic like plastic on a super sturdy alligator clip. I think this will look great clipped onto my backpack or a purse thought I might use it in my hair, too! I thought this was extremely well made!

Next was this Ghost Pop Pocket Mirror. I saw some of the other designs that subscribers received and I thought they were all super cute. I admit, I don’t get it, but I like it.

We also got this kawaii button. There were so many different designs sent out out with different words. Ichigo means “strawberry” in Japanese. I’ll put this on my backpack, too!

This MIGHT be my favorite item in this entire box because I love pens, I love Pocky and this is a pen that looks like a stick of Pocky. How could you go wrong?

Aside from that, this pen writes so smooth! I’ve used this so much since it arrived and I have to get my hands on more!

Last in the box was this Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY kit Colorful Ramune Land. I haven’t ever made a popin’ cookin’ but this one looks like gummy snacks so I think it’s a good one to try for a first timer!  Hopefully I can find directions online since it’s all in Japanese!

Since everything in Kawaii Box is from Japan and Korea, it’s hard to put a value on everything, but I absolutely think it’s worth the $19.80 of the subscription! I loved the variety and everything was absolutely cute and I can find a use for just about everything in this box!


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