Juniper Box! #nomnom


I’m getting this box a shout out a little earlier than I normally would because I JUST received my box in the mail. As in…just now, it’s still warm from the Texas heat, BUT after I tore into this box, I realized I had to photograph it right away because I just had to tear into all these goodies! I really enjoyed my box last month, but this months “extras” were 100% up my alley! Please excuse my less than impressive indoor photos, it is hotter than sin in my front yard!

If you aren’t familiar with Juniper and you’re a woman, I’d like to help you get familiar 😉 Juniper is a monthly subscription that cost $28 a month. This includes taxes and shipping. Juniper is a box that is curated especially for that less than pleasant time of the month! They include everything you’ll need to manage your cycle (tampons, pads, night-time pads, panty liner and even Midol!) plus a super special selection of artisan treats! It seems that every month one of those treats is a body wash, soap or lotion (a little something to keep you feeling refreshed!) and the rest are delicious snacks and drinks!

DSCN0022Juniper is different from other subscriptions because you get to really customize your box. You let them know when you’re due for Aunt Flo’s visit and they even schedule your delivery specific to your needs! You can choose virtually ANY brand of tampons, liners or pads you would like. (They list the most popular brands on their website but you are welcome to email them if you don’t see your brand listed). I received:
4 Tampax Pearl Light Tampons
8 Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons
8 Tampax Pearl Super Tampons


All your other womanly products come in this cute gold drawstring bag. I personally end up placing my tampons in here too for travel and I’ve kept my last bag to keep full of my lady needs at all times.

DSCN0027Inside are my Midol, over-night pads and panty liners. I opted to get a few extra panty liners instead of pads for the day time, I just don’t use them! I also wanted a few extra Midol but there was a bit of a mix up! I’ve emailed the company and I’m expecting to hear back very soon! They’re really great with customer service, so I know they’ll take care of me!
*Update* Within 48 hours I not only had 3 extra packs of Midol Complete, but also another mesh drawstring bag FULL of goodies that everyone received in their July box! Including an adorable mini massage candle! THAT is what I call stellar customer service!

DSCN0029Next was my bag of tasty treats! They always pack these to the brim and if you’ve shopped around at other monthly “period” boxes you’ll see that the other options are SO basic! These artisan goodies really set Juniper apart and, in my opinion, way ahead of the pack! This months selection was especially perfect for me!

DSCN0031So, I received a pack of Madeline cookies (I’ve never tried these before, but they look delicious), an aroma therapy body wash. This is in a Neroli scent which I happen to love! If at first whiff, this isn’t what you’re into, I recommend trying it in a hot bath! The heat really transforms Neroli into something other worldly! I got my 3 honey sticks and teas which are always a welcome treat! The difference this month was, you see that hot pink honey stick? It’s Pink Lemonade flavor! I’ve never tried on but I’m SO loving the idea! Can’t wait to try it! For crunch we got a package of pistachios!DSCN0033Lastly, my favorite item in the whole entire box was this Salted Caramel Popcorn! I tore into this bag right away and enjoyed every last crumb. I will be scoping  out this company for sure! I’m addicted and I need more of this delicious treat! On top of how amazing it tastes, this filling little pouch only had 100 calories! Everybody wins!

This month, Juniper was so on point! Everything in this box is exactly what I hoped for and more! I think this was my favorite month so far! If you haven’t already, be sure and check out Juniper and subscribe to make your time of the month a breeze!

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