June 2017 Boxycharm

Hey guys! I hope you’re having an awesome weekend! I’m a little late on posting about June’s Boxycharm. It’s July now and my next box shipped out yesterday. I did want to still share this awesome box with you guys! The theme for June is Downtown Charm and this box was absolutely perfect. Boxycharm is $21 a month (free shipping and they don’t charge tax- at least not in Texas where I live) This is one of the more expensive monthly subscription boxes but with the price tag, you’re guaranteed 5 full size items with a value of at least $100. In some of the $10 boxes, you can get comparable values but it’s a little more of a gamble. All that being said, let’s see what we got!

If you want to read the details of this month’s products, you can enlarge this photo by clicking on it! Here are the 5 items in June’s Boxycharm.

One thing that I always have to praise Boxycharm for is their variety. They always send nearly a full face look and it’s always really on trend  in both the brands and product type. If you love Instagram for your inspiration and to learn about new products, you’ll love this subscription! The only thing I’ve seen people complain about is that in each box so far this year, we’ve received a highlighter. I an NOT upset about that at all!! I love trying new brands and formulas of items I’m into using and highlighters are still a little new to me. (July’s box doesn’t feature a highlighter, btw.)

Up first is this Eyeshadow Palette by RealHer. All three versions of this palette were sent out this month and subscribers could have gotten either one. I REALLY wanted this one which is version 2. The other ones were neutral with a black as the darkest shade and there was one with a purple/pink neutral theme. These are really smooth and some are really pigmented but the transition shades go on soft and less pigmented. As a palette, I think this is a great combination of bold metallics and soft neutrals. This retails for $28.

From time to time, Boxycharm will send items is sets or multiples and this month we got 3 of these sheet masks from Biobelle. I received these before in an Ipsy bag and I was a huge fan! These sheet masks have adorable packaging, but they’re also just really lovely! I didn’t know the priming mask existed so I can’t wait to try this before a night out in full glam. This set of 3 retails for $14.97. (They’re $4.99 each)

Next, was this Diamond Glow Powder by Artist Couture.

This is in the shade Illuminati and retails for $26.99. If I recall, these are by the makeup artist “Mac Daddy” (I’m pretty sure he does Kim’s bake!) and these were a HUGE deal at IMATs for several years. This is one of those really popular products that I completely forgot about so I hope to see these become popular again after being in this box. These were huge before I remember highlighters being as big as they are! This powder feels and looks amazing and while I have to remind myself to reach for loose powders, I love this one!

I’ve gotten some AMAZING lip products this year in Boxycharm and this month was no exception. I got my first OFRA liquid lipstick in the shade Tuscany. These retail for $19.90 (which seems like a weird price, right? Haha) This shade is a little dark for my normal summer looks, but it’s a shade I see myself wearing. I was really excited to see this in my box, but that being said, I think I’m the only person on earth who isn’t a fan of this formula! I don’t know what it is, but its takes a while to dry and feels a little rubbery on the lips? I’m not going to quit trying to make it work though!

Lastly, I got this Luxie 640 Precision Tapered Face Brush. This retails for $24. I am a huge fan of Luxie Beauty and I have ordered from their site twice and gotten their brushes is a few of my subscription boxes too. Unfortunately, I do not enjoy this brush. This hair/bristles are so long that this brush is supper floppy. It’s soft and super well made, I just don’t see this being a staple in my collection. It works okay with the Diamond Glow powder, so I see why these came together!

This box was a great assortment and had a retail value of $113.86. I love getting these each month and it’s great to have basically a whole new look in one box!

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