Julep Maven July (American Beauty)

We got our Julep Boxes a little early so we could have them before the 4th, after all “It’s your time to SPARKLE!”
I chose American Beauty- I tend you just choose whichever colors appeal to me 🙂

So, our boxes this month were small (we all got lip glosses! So there was no need for a larger box)
and decked out in Red, White & Blue! I thought this box was adorable! By far my favorite as far as decorations.

My lovely insert- as stated in the top right corner- we got a free nail polish! Not shown on the card.
People in American got a glitter polish called “America” and people in Canada got a glitter polish called “Canada”

First thing I pulled out of my box was my lip gloss. I adore this color. Their new Lip Vernis is non plumping which is a nice change (thought I liked the plumping ones as well) It’s VERY pigmented and it lasts a really long time.

Unfortunately, my lip gloss is…defective 🙁 The stopped that removes the excess from the wand upon being extracted is lodged in my lid. I’ve tried just about everything to get it out and nothing have worked. I would normally be really upset by this BUT I know after the brush issue, I can trust Julep to stand by the products they send out. I’m 110% they will take care of this for me.

On to my polishes! (I just had to show you the cute packaging again!!)

Out edible treat this month was Atomic Fireballs!! I was stoked when I saw these, they fit the theme so well. After popping one into my mouth, I turned to my husband & said, “Do you ever look at (our) children and see them doing things and think, how do they do that? But know it was something you tried as a kid? This is one of those things!” They are SO hot!! I’m wondering what I was thinking as a child consuming bags of these!

I got three polishes thanks to the great bonus this month!  Yumi– an out of this world glitter. I thought this would be pretty, I did not know I would have to urge to remove all my nail polish and bathe in this stuff. I wish I had bought an extra!! Lynn– This was a bit sheer, but as far as sheer colors go, this is a must have in any collection. & Lastly, America– this was packed with glitter and very easily covered my nail. I didn’t expect that either.

I swatched them all- note that these are all over my Couture Gel Nail Polish in the color “In The Buff”. I loved everything in my box this month & I even ordered one additional lip gloss as an add on! I’ll let you all know when I get it!
Don’t forget, you can get your first Julep Maven box for one penny! Details HERE.


    • therosysnail says:

      I agree! I’m so happy I chose this box! I’d love to know how Canada swatches once you get it! America was so tightly packed with glitter- I love it! I’ll be wearing it for the 4th of July.

  1. hopefaithloveme says:

    I love it! I bought the America the Beautiful collection from QVC-it came with Sienna, Catherine and America. I swatched ’em too. I have to say, the glitter over the red in America really looks awesome and I’m bringing them TO the pedicurist because I love the colors so much. Thanks for the intro to Julep!

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