I’ve known about Jewelry Tv (or Television) for what seems like my whole life. The models standing slightly awkwardly to show you the amazing piece of blind adorning their finger or wrist and the slowly rotating close ups with an impossible amount of sparkle. I’d go so far as to say that it was JTV.com that prompted my ambitions to have a fabulous collection as an adult.


I was sent 3 pieces to review and I was stoked for all of them! I’ve spent hours browsing the JTV.com site and I’ve yet to see a single piece I didn’t like. There is something for everyone, even someone like me who likes the big and the bold!  The greatest thing is that JTV offers amazing prices on genuine gold, diamonds and more. They also offer protection plans (that are SUPER cheap and always a good idea!) and you can get your item appraised as well. Items from JTV always appraise for more than you’re paying AND they let you know the EAV (estimated appraisal value) up front. They also offer “Stretch Pay” or payment plans for larger purchases like engagement rings and the link. They’ve thought of everything to make the customers shopping experience easy, fun and care free- all that’s left is to take a look at what comes in the box 😉


This first piece had me saying “WOW!” as soon as I saw it! This is the Bella Luce Firma 8.90ctw Round And Baguette Platineve Ring. That’s right 8.90 carats. This ring has some AMAZING sparkle and features both round and baguette cut…we’ll they’re not diamonds if you can believe it!! Bella Luce is a line made special just for JTV that embodies the extremely expensive look and feel of diamonds and precious metals without the giant price tag. This gorgeous and very large ring retails for only $99.99. This ring features cubic zirconia that have more fire (or sparkle in my jewelry loving lady terms!) than any diamond I’ve ever set eyes on.

DSCN6568In spite of how large this ring is, (both in terms of stones and in width of the band) the ring ran true to size and is much more comfortable than I expected!


The detailing on this ring is just out of this world. All the way down to a sweet hidden “BL” on the underbelly of the largest store.

DSCN6608The main stone of this ring is a whopping 6.11cts. There are also 4 baguettes totaling 1.31cts and 90 (and boy do they add some bling!) smaller round cut stones totaling 1.49cts. This makes for a grand total of 8.9cts on this serious statement piece. This has to be my favorite piece I received from JTV.com but I am a serious ring lover! I still can’t get over the amazing price of this ring!


Next I received this beautiful base metal toggle bracelet. Excuse me for photographing it out of the box, but it was hard to capture all the wonderful chain layers on this piece while it was in the velvet box.


This is the Altered Style by Brett Alt Hammered, Polished Bead Multi Strands Stainless Steel Toggle Bracelet. (I know it’s a bit of a mouthful) This bracelet is perfect for every day but I love that is shows a more edgy side to jewelry than the other two pieces I received. There is a HUGE range on JTV so I was so excited to be able to share that!

DSCN6614This bracelet is extremely comfortable and closes with a toggle clasp- I love toggle clasps because they are easy to take off and put on all by yourself! This bracelet retails for $59.99 and since it’s Stainless Steel, it would hold up to a lot of wear or tear that you might put your bracelets through.


The last thing I received is a must have piece for all women- pearls. While I’m not one to wear pearls often, I think they are a staple in every women’s jewelry box. Why? Because pearls will go with anything you want to wear to get dressed up and can turn any boring dress into a serious wow outfit! This is the Pink Cultured Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver 19 1/2 Inch & 40 Inch Necklace Set. This two necklace set retails for just $124.69 (which is HALF of the estimated appraisal value, by the way!)

DSCN6627These pearls are each knotted so they stay in place and this also evenly distributes the weight of each pearl and I find the necklace to be most comfortable because of these knots. The necklaces come in two different lengths (19″ and 40″) and also two different sizes. The shorter necklace features wider pearls than the longer one. This one falls just below the collar bone and would be perfect for lower cut dresses. The 40″ necklace features smaller pearls and can be doubles for different looks. Each necklace has a sterling silver clasp.


Overall, I loved all of these piece. The quality and amazing price tag on all of these pieces blew me away. JTV is not only fun to browse, but it’s always an amazing steal when you select a piece to add to your collection. I can’t wait to see more from them and hopefully add more jaw-dropping pieces to my jewelry box.

Do you own any pieces from JTV?


  1. Janette Rupple says:

    Oh my gosh! Those are lovely. I’ve seen the shows before but I’ve been skeptical to buy because no one I personally know owns anything from them. I feel so much better after having read this though. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Kelsey House says:

    wow! Never heard of Jtv.com until today! They have some great pieces and I love that ring! I wish my wedding ring looked like that haha. Love the pearls too of course! I will have to look into them for my wedding day pearls maybe?! 🙂

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