JoyJoy Watches #GiftGuide


I recently heard about JoyJoy Watches and was so tickled by the idea! These watches come in two parts, a watch head and what they call “watch skins” that both come in different colors and patterns. They’re easy to switch out and there are literally hundreds of combination possibilities. I dove into some of the many, many options and found that there is a JoyJoy Watch for everyone.


The core of JoyJoy Watches, and the first thing you’ll want to choose is which Watch head you want. These come in 5 colors: black, blue, pink, purple and “fiesta red” which is an orange-y red. These watch heads come packed with every feature you can imagine. JoyJoy Watches are Water Proof up to 5ATM (which is up to 50 meters, suitable for rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, surface swimming, shallow snorkeling), features 5 LED colored lights, and has a stopwatch, alarm and calendar. This watch is great for the multi-tasker but with the bands, still fashion forward enough for those of us who wear watches for vanity 😉


This watch head has a weight to it and is clearly well made. The design is somewhat unisex, but I have faith this will hold up to whatever I throw at it.


The fun part comes in the way of the Watch Skins. These high-grade silicone bands come in so, so many colors and patterns. Everything from black and white to baseball and even one that looks like it’s covered in giant jelly beans! There is literally a Watch Skin for everyone. I received three to try out with my watch, the “Pink Leopard“, “Blue Cloud” and “Pink Translucent“.


It’s so easy to “pop” the watch head into the band and go. There’s nothing complicated about it and the watch does not move within the skin during wear. It fits snug into place and looks great! The silicone makes it super comfortable on your wrist, too.


You can also change the color of the backlight LED to match your Watch Skins, which I think is super fun!

I thought the quality of these watches was outstanding and I really love being able to change these up for whatever style I’m going for! I’m all for being able to keep on a watch in the summer for swimming or intense workouts.
You can check out the entire line here.

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