Jordan Liberty’s Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer Collection

After a hectic weekend (Congratulations to my Bride and Senior Prom Beauties!) I’m happy to slow it down a bit and take a look at a brand spanking NEW polish collection! As you might know, I’m a HUGE fan of They’ve expanded their monthly boxes to include goodies like intimates and accessories but it all started with a special curated Makeup box. Last September, they invited the fabulous Jordan Liberty to curate and that was the first time I’d heard of the man behind Give Good Face and I’ve been since stalking following him on Youtube and Instagram. Jordan Liberty included his beautifully crafted Lashes (another weakness of mine!) in the September box and caused quite a buzz!

For the month of March, Jordan is at it again. Curating a fun, new batch of boxes for the Wantable Beauty Box. This time, with another exciting addition to his Liberty Republic line up; Nail Lacquers. I was incredibly honored to have a first look at these polishes through Wantable. What’s even more exciting is that this polishes are making their early debut exclusively through this subscription service! More on that in a bit!


The SPELLBOUND Collection features 7 shades ranging from pastels to brights, cremes to shimmers. These seven polishes cover what is in my opinion, the essential range in polishes. I love that Jordan didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here by creating some off the wall polish color or glitter combination. He packed these shades full of color WOW and instead of reinventing nail polish, he improved upon the 7 must-have shades. Kudos.

As much thought as went into the shades that would be included in this release, a lot of thought went into what would be left out as well. The SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquers are 5-free, Vegan friendly and of course not tested of fluffy adorable, animals. I’ve seen this come up multiple times on Jordan Liberty’s YouTube video. This is also a theme throughout all the Wantable boxes I’ve received as well.

Bottle The packaging of these polishes features a square base and top but you can simply pop the top off to grip the slimmer, round textured “handle” inside. This made application much more precise. I love this attention to detail. I also found that like other brands featuring this double lid (not Julep, more like Butter London), you can use the outer lid to tighten and loosen the lid. This is a lifesaver if you have a messy painting session.

While you’ve already seen the stunning manicures I created using these polishes, I wanted to break it down a little more and tell you how it was working with each shade.

BelladonaBelladona is a great neutral pink. This one took 3 thin coats for bottle-like-coverage. All of the shades dried much quicker than your average bottle of polish, which made for absolutely zero bubbles in this multi-layer manicure. As a busy mom and a polish addict, I appreciate nothing more than a quick drying shade. This also comes in handy with clients, no matter the event. Let’s face it, the faster the dry- the better.

I had no problems guiding any of these polishes around my cuticle to get a clean line and only had to touch up around the cuticle area with one shade, but that was a user error when a accidentally bumped the bottle against my pinky.

ElixirLike I mentioned above, Jordan Liberty didn’t reinvent the wheel with these colors but this shade isn’t  something I’ll find anywhere else. Elixer is a violete-y nude that reminds me of my “perfect nude” lipstick. While matching my manicure to my lips is probably one of the most tacky trends I can think of, this polish has me tempted!

This shade is great on SO many skin tones and I can’t think of a single age that could not rock this muted tone.

TalismanUp next was Talisman. I have a confession with this color- I’m not a gold person. I was probably least looking forward to swatching this color. I love gold accents, but a full manicure in gold didn’t really appeal to me. I even considered doing a mash-up for my swatches for this color but wanted to show off the full nail. Turned out, it was for the better.

All of the SPELLBOUND lacquers self level amazingly well to provide a streak free finish, but Talisman took this to a whole other world. I find gold polishes to be streaky and hard to work with. You can generally see EVERY stroke you make with the brush. This polish is the exception to that rule. Once my nails were painted, it reminded me of gold leaf. Smooth, streak free and just fabulous. I had a hard time talking myself into taking this polish off in order to swatch the next.

LovespellLovespell is a seriously LOUD pink, and that is why I love it! This fuchsia is that HOT pink you’re looking for without the chalky texture or streaky application. This and a few other colors from this collection provide full coverage in just one pass (though I’m a two-coat kinda gal). I didn’t have any staining around my fingers from this shade, but I’d recommend a base coat with ALL these colors minus Belladona and Talisman.

OmenWhen I first saw sneak peeks of this collection, I thought Omen would be a standard blue-red but while it’s on the blue side, it’s much more of a vivid cherry than a blue red. This is a great middle of the road red and will look good on SO many skin tones. If you’ve ever been hesitant to pick up a red polish or confused by the whole “blue-red” “true red” conversation, grab this red. It’s fool-proof.

I did two coats of Omen (probably because it was the perfect consistency and glided little silk) but you could easily get away with one.

EnchantedEnchanted is the MOST pigmented color in the collection. This is the only swatch shown with literally one coat. I walked outside and just couldn’t justify adding another layer. I did have a tiny bit of staining (the kind you can easily scrub away with some soap and a nail brush) so be sure and base coat this color.

This polish is also the thickest in the collection and for that reason, the hardest to work with. It wasn’t too hard to use, just be sure and wipe the excess off your brush and pop off that square cap to get better control. This polish also dried the fastest so I’d call this my go-to for a last-minute manicure.


Last, but certainly not least, is Hex. Like Talisman, Hex takes on a liquid metal look easily and provides surprisingly little streaking for a polish with almost no effort. Because this is the darkest shade in the collection, I will warn that it will stain like NO other so be careful with removal and application. My first layer of Hex seemed very sheer and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this polish, turns out it needed that thin first later to act as glue for ALL that sparkle because I got bottle-like coverage in just two coats.

This blue is unique in that it layers turquoise shimmer over a deep, royal blue base. If you’re a fan of blues, this is a must-have.

Overall, these colors packed a big punch for me in a lot of ways. Across the board, the consistency was smooth and application was really easy. I’m excited to see what Wantable subscribers say as I think these would make stunning “beginner” polishes!

Want to get your hands on these polishes? For starters, you could give Wantable a go. Their monthly boxes are super affordable at $36 for 4-6 prestige cosmetic items. To get one of these in your box, you would just let them know in your profile that you’re a polish lover. OR you can purchase an exclusive box with all 7 shades HERE. Each bottle of polish retails for $14 on its own, but you can save a whopping $28 by picking them up all together. For the time being you can ONLY get these polishes through Wantable!

Which Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND nail Lacquer is your favorite?


  1. Beth W says:

    Enchanted just looks stunning! I love the intensity of cremes, like that. And Talisman looks like gold leaf, which is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing- I didn’t realize they were 5-free! Now it’s on my polish wishlist. 😀

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