Ittsē Cosmetics #GiftGuide

I first heard about Ittsē Cosmetics through the CosmoProf grapevine. I didn’t get to go to CosmoProf Las Vegas this past summer, but all my lovely beauty blogging friends came back raving about a new up and comer in the world of build-your-own palettes. Ittsē came out swinging with adorable graphics, highly pigmented products and a fun, whimsical approach. I knew I’d like the brand no matter how I felt about the products, I didn’t realize I’d fall so hard.


I received two eyeshadows to try out through the PR company working with Ittsē! I love the packaging that features their unofficial mascot mentioned on their website, the pup named Bernard. I admit I’m a sucker for brands with pets as mascots (and for companies based out of the San Francisco Bay area). The packaging has the perfect touch of artsy and high end. I love the metallic gold accents and the art work keeps it young and fresh but not too young.


On the reverse, you can read the labeled pans through a cut out window amidst the San Fran night sky. Ittsē sells sturdy, magnetic palettes that you customize with your choice of products from 3 categorizes: eyeshadows, brow powders or complexion products (blush, bronzer, highlight and mattifying powder).  Each product comes labeled with a clear, easy-to-read name as well as all the product information. These labels are high quality and water/moisture proof ensuring that you don’t end up with random pans you can’t identify.


While I din’t receive a Ittsē magnetic palette, these did stick in my ZPalette. This is the small palette. The magnetic interior measures 3.18×3.18″, just to give you an idea of the size of the pans. From the Ittsē site, I found that their palettes will hold 12 of these pans or 6 of their larger, complexion pans or a combination of the two; say 2 complexion and 9 shadows. (The brow powder products are the same size as the eyeshadow pans shown above.)


I received the shades Istanbul, a shimmering rosy gold, perfect for blue eyes. This shade adds just the right amount of highlight to any eye look. And Farallons, a deep matte teal shade, perfect for a pop of color or crease color. You can even use this matte shade with water to create solid, bold lines.

I found these to be pigmented, long lasting and true to the pan. I was really pleased with how well Farellons blended and how easy it was to pack on extra shimmer with Istanbul for a more festive look. While researching to tell you guys more about this brand, I also found out that all Ittsē products are made without parabens or gluten. Plus, they never test on animals and they’re made right here in the good ol’ USA.

I have to say Ittsē Comsetics earned a huge A+ from me. I was drawn in by the presentation, but I stayed for the pigmentation. These are a dream to apply and they stay when I need them to! Not to mention, at just $7.99 for an eyeshadow, Ittsē is so affordable! Well done, Ittsē!

Which shade is your favorite?

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