It’s Ipsy Time! (Part 1) August 2013

This is part one because, like I announced last month, I am not the proud recipient of TWO Ipsy bags each month 🙂 That being said, my second bag has yet to arrive so I’m patiently waiting. Though I must admit to stalking my Glam Room already! So, I’ve received my first bag (for the subscription I’ve had for over a year) and I had to go ahead and share the awesome products I received! If you aren’t already an Ipsy subscriber, prepare to be amazed. Ipsy costs only $10 a month (no taxes or shipping in the US) and for the small fee, you receive 5 deluxe samples (generally, you get one full size product as well!) and a cute makeup bag to put it all in! Ipsy is by far my favorite beauty subscription and I stand behind them all the way! You get SO much bang for your buck and they really try to stay on top of what’s trending! If you’re interested in signing up for your own Ipsy Glam Bag, click HERE.

DSCN0040This month’s theme was Glamour Academy, so the Ipsy bag was designed accordingly! We got a cute Ipsy crest on our bags with regal colors, gold and purple. I prefer some of the solid color bags and really loved the clear neon bags from last month, but this design pleased a lot of subscribers so I’m always happy to see them branch out!

DSCN0041Here is everything in my Ipsy bag this month!

 DSCN0042You may have counted 6 instead of the 5 I mentioned above. I received one bonus items this month! From time to time, Ipsy gives out bonus items for different things. This one was for referring two friends but in the past, they’ve given them out at random just for being an active member of the Ipsy community.

DSCN0044I received a Lime Crime Polish in the color “Crema De Limon”. This is my first Lime Crime product ever and I’m actually really excited to try it out! It’s a beautiful pastel yellow. The bottle as a matte/frosted finish to it, except for the purple unicorn, that’s glossy 😉 I’ll be reviewing this polish very soon on a brand new website I’ve started with a friend! It will be dedicated solely to nail lacquer and nail care so stay tuned for more details on that!!
This is a full size polish and retails for $8

DSCN0046Next, I received this Michael Todd Pure Organics Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrubs. Just the name of this product alone makes me happy. I love scrubs and exfoliation, I love Jojoba and I absolutely adore the way charcoal makes my oily skin balance out! This is a really generous 1oz sample too! Considering it will take a dime size amount to do my face, this will last me several weeks. This has a sample value of $5.29

DSCN0047A company I’m very familiar with from Ipsy, Mica Beauty. I received a black gel liner from a previous Ipsy bag and it’s become my go-to, almost every day wear gel liner. It’s smooth, has lasted me many months, has great pigment and lasts all day! I couldn’t ask for more. I’m hoping to get the same results with this eyeshadow.

DSCN0049They call this a “shimmer powder” and I’m sure you could use it in many ways. This is a full size product and retails for $14.95

DSCN0051The only product is my bag that was not an “or” product (that is what we’ve started calling products that you can get a variation of as in you can get this OR that) was this Pixi Beauty Lash Booster Mascara.

DSCN0052This looks like a very wet, very black mascara and I’m definitely excited to try this brush. It’s fluffy, but more dense and looks alike a smaller version of traditional fluffy mascara applicator brushes. This is a  3g sample with a value of $7.14

DSCN0053The product I was MOST happy to see in my bag this month (I’ll explain why it wasn’t the UD lipstick!) was this Chella brow pencil! A few months ago (maybe 2?) a lot of people received the Chella brow highlighter. I didn’t BUT both my mom and step mother did so I was given theirs as they do not fill their brows. I’ve been addicted to the stuff and am half done with one pencil already! When I say that this was an option AND the only color was dark brown (my color) I knew I had to have it!

DSCN0055This is a beautiful rich brown color. I’m super excited to give this a go! This is a full size pencil (it is a VERY thin pencil. I wanted to point this out because I’ve heard a few complaints on the size)  and it retails for $18

DSCN0056My last deluxe sample was of the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks.

DSCN0057I received the color Anarchy. This is a bold Fuchsia. I did peak at my second bag and I should be receiving the red, called “69”, in my second bag.

DSCN0060A lot of people noted just how small these samples are but they contain .4oz where the full size is .9oz. That seems like a great sample size to me! This color does have a touch of yellow/green metallic sheen to it. I tried to catch it in this photograph the best I could. This has a sample value of $9.78

Overall, I had a stellar selection in this bag!  I love how every month I can virtually do my entire face (and sometimes nails!) with my Ipsy bag all on its own! The value of my bag, which only cost me $10, was a whopping $63.16 ($55.13 if you don’t count my bonus item). I’m over the moon with this months bag and I cannot wait to see what’s in store! I’ll share my second bag as soon as it arrives! If you’re not already an Ipsy subscriber, be sure and check them out HERE.



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