Ipsy March 2015

It feels like it’s bee forever since I posted a beauty box! You may not know but I’ve been with Ipsy since 2012. I got their 2nd bag in 2012 and I’ve been booked since. I’ve been with Ipsy since they were MyGlam. I loved Ipsy bags so much that I actually began getting two. I took a break from this more recently but I just started getting two, again, this month! I’m feeling a little leukewarm about this months bags so we’ll see how long this last!


I got both of my bags on the same day, which I love!

This month’s theme was Flower Power! I’ll be honest, I adored the bag, but other than that I really didn’t feel like the overall theme translated into my products. When I think of Flower Power, I obviously think of the 70’s and a fresh faced, braided hair, lettin’ it all hang out vibe.


This water color inspired print on the bag is definitely cute!


My first bag feels really complete on first glance! This is a great mix of skin care and makeup with no hair care. I’m all hair care’d out at the moment so I was happy to see this. All of these products make me happy (in theory) and I can imagine some great looks with this makeup!

Let’s break these down!


Dr. Brant’s anti-aging mattifying lotion. I use MAC’s mattifying lotion my daily skin care routine and it can be a little pricy. Because of that, I wasn’t too shocked to see that this lotion came with a $60 price tag (but for a fairly large bottle at 1.7oz). I haven’t tried it under makeup but from swatching it on my hand, I can already tell I’m going to like this product! At .25oz, this a $8.83 sample value. I will easily get a week or two’s use out of this, plenty of time to see if it works well with my skin!


Next, I got a pretty large size sample of Boo Boo Cover Up. I’ve reviewed and given away Boo Boo Cover Up and I happen to think it’s great stuff! The coverage is nice, it stays put and it layers nicely under makeup. I do have one complaint though. On my Ipsy profile, I listen my skin tone as fair and Boo Boo Cover Up is obviously too dark for my winter skin tone. I see this all the time with Ipsy and I don’t see why they ask my skin tone if you’re going to completely ignore my answer. Since I do makeup, I can use this in my kit and it will be my shade once I get a tan. This is a .13oz sample with a value of $7.65 (P.S. Boo Boo Cover Up just released a light and dark so maybe I’ll review those soon for you guys!



I got a NYX Butter Lipstick in each of my Ipsy bags this month. This shade is Hunk.




Of the two colors I received, this one was the most streaky. I do enjoy the formula of these and I’m always appreciative of the HUGE color range NYX offers. I think for $6 these are a beauty on a budget score.


I have been really excited to try new face washes lately. I have a review for one I picked up today coming shortly. So, I’m really excited to try this Pur-lisse Pur-delicare Gently Soy Milk Cleanser. This is a pretty large sample size at 1oz and I know I have other Pur-lisse minis laying around I can try with this! I love milk cleansers because they are gently and they also do a fabulous job at removing makeup and dirt. This sample is worth $6.43


Last in this bag was the Vintage by Jessica Lieveskind Illuminating Face Highlighter. I’ve never heard of this brand and I’m still undecided on what to think of this overall. This product is about 1″ square (the pan itself) and it’s really pigmented but this isn’t part of their regular line and their Ipsy Exclusive they listed on their site says it’s $26. I don’t see who would pay $26 for something this size. Becaues they don’t list the sizes on their site, I can’t say how big the regular size is. I’m going to say this is a 1/3 size and value it at $8.67. (Which I think is generous)

By my calculations, the sample value for my first bag is $37.58. That’s a huge value for a $10 subscription. If you haven’t checked out Ipsy yet, you can click HERE to subscribe. It’s just $10 a month. No shipping fees or taxes (in the USA)

Check back tomorrow for my other bag! Comment below what you got in your bag and what you loved or really disliked! I’m always interested to see what you guys get, too!!




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