Ipsy June 2017 (Pt. 1)

While the number of life updates I should be sharing with you guys seems like a never ending list, I thought I would jump back into my blog with something fun and easy: an Ipsy unbagging. I have been getting Ipsy all this time and I’ve had them for almost the entire time they’ve been a thing. I got their second bag ever and took a short break from them after 3 years before resubscribing. For about a year and a half, I actually got two Ipsy bags so that I’d have a better chance on getting items I really wanted. I had mixed success with that but since these bags are only $10, I didn’t feel like it was a bad idea.

I recently received this email and I couldn’t pass this up. There was a choice of the It Cosmetics contouring palette or a Lancome mascara and last primer set. I love It Cosmetics so I resubscribed that second account. That bag will be here next week and I’m pretty pumped to be getting two bags again.

Back to the current bag! As always, Ipsy comes in this metallic pink bubble mailer.

This month’s theme was “Volume Up” and while I think they’re talking more about being bold than big hair, I was just thankful that I didn’t receive any hair items- they’re my least favorite to get in subscription boxes.

Up first, I received this St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion. I think the timing of this couldn’t be better and I’m a huge fan of this brand. This is a pretty big 1.6oz sample size and has a value of $7.16

I also received a full size nail polish from Kokie in “Gone Rio”. I’ve been getting nail polish a lot in my Ipsy bag and I’m super happy about it! I have a large collection and I’m always down to try a new brand or color. These retail for just $6 and from a quick google search, I found these are available at Walmart so if I like the formula, they’re easy to get your hands on. Win-win.

My favorite color item in this bag has to be this City Color Shimmer Shadow in “Beach Cottage”. This is a duo chrome, metallic green shade and it’s amazing. The formula is super creamy and it’s REALLY pigmented. I haven’t tested it for longevity yet but if that were an issue, it’s nothing MAC Fix+ couldn’t solve. These retail for $4.99

The last full size item I received was this NYX Whipped Fouette. This is a lip and cheek color. On the lips, it’s very slick and while their site says this is a matte finish, I have to disagree. I’m not sure I would want something this oily/slick feeling on my cheeks (I tend to need more foundation on my cheeks to cover redness) and on the lips- this doesn’t last long at all. I’m going to keep playing with this one, but I’m not won over yet. This color is called “Pink Cloud” and these retail for $6.


LastLastly, I got this mini Aqua XL Make Up For Ever eyeliner in Matte Black. While I initially had the “oh, look another black eyeliner” thought, I realized, it’s actually been a long while since I got a black pencil liner and fact is, this one is sooooo good. Not only is it longlasting and pigmented, but it’s waterproof and so easy to apply. I will be using this for my summer looks for sure! This is half the size of a full size pencil at .002oz, making it worth $10.50.

Ipsy is $10 and in the state of Texas, I get charged 83 cents in tax. This delivery came to a sample value of $34.65 and while I’ve received Ipsy bags with higher values, this one was almost completely cosmetics and I think I’ll use everything except the NYX product!

Do you get Ipsy? Let me know your favorite item from this month’s lineup in a comment!!

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