Ipsy July 2017 Part 1&2

It’s that time again! My Ipsy bags have arrived. Ipsy is a monthly subscription that costs $10 a month ($10.83 with taxes in the good ‘ol states of Texas) I subscribe to get two of these bags each month…mostly because of FOMO. (Fear of missing out).  From time to time, I get the same item in each bag, like last month, when I got two of the NYX lippies. This month, I had THREE products that were in both of my bags. It happens and that’s the risk you take getting more than one of these guys! All that being said, let’s take a look!

This month’s bag was super well made and rather funny. It’s a collaboration between Ipsy and Guadetama. If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, you might know that this weird egg is actually the newest “and friends” to the Sanrio line of adorable characters. I recognize him from sight, but I did have to do a little reading to learn more about him. He’s apparently the “Eeyore” of the bunch since he only exists to be food. I think he’s hilarious.

and he has butt cheeks. So, there’s that.

My first Ipsy bag was 100% makeup items! This has never happened to me and I was pretty excited. I do love getting skincare as well, but on the flip side of that, I SERIOUSLY dislike getting hair products. I would rather get perfume or beauty tools or makeup. I’m too picky with my hair, especially now that I’m testing out Monat!

Like I mentioned, I did get three “repeats” in my bags this month, so I’ll start with those 3 items first! In both of my bags, I received this black Ciate London Wonderwand Gel Kohl Liner. This has the pencil product on one end and a great stiff angled brush on the other end. I love the change up from the traditional foam smudger on a lot of pencils but I have to say I was not a fan of this liner. The pigment on this was just okay and easily turned to a charcoal grey when smudged and blended. That wasn’t the end of the world, but this pencil will not set on its own, in any amount of time. That’s a huge problem for me. I want my makeup locked in place for the whole day. I have only tried this on my lower lash line, so I’ll give it a go in my waterline before I give up on this one. This is a pretty large “sample” and is worth $12.60

In both of my bags, I also got this mini Double Matte Whip by Winky Lux in the shade “Angel Food”. This is an absolutely stunning color and I love the way this goes on. I did eat something greasy 3 hours into wearing this the one and only time I’ve tried it and that didn’t go over well. That’s absolutely NOT a deal breaker for me and I can’t wait to try this again and be more careful! I was surprised to see that these only retails for $14 full size, so I’ll be looking into the other shades! This sample is worth $6.

The last item that I had in both of my bags was this Seraphine Botanicals Lychee + Gold Healthy Flow Rose-Gold Blush. I really can’t say enough good things about this blush. I love the shade, I love the way it feels, I love the packaging, I love the way it applies, I love the way it looks on my skin, I love how long it lasts- I’m basically obsessed. It even smells good. I’m so in love and I will absolutely be trying more from this brand! This was a full size goodie so it retails for $14 (which was NOT the affordable price point I expected!)

The other two items in my first bag included this OFRA Cosmetics eyeshadow in “Gold Rush”. Based on the name, this was a little more bronze that I thought it would be, but I adore this shadow. I have a few OFRA shadows in my collection and I think they’re great. These 2gram single eyeshadows retail for $10 and don’t need any additional magnets for my ZPalette!

Last in my first bag was this HEMPZ Lips Ultra Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm. When I first got this, I thought the smell was pretty strong for a lip balm. It’s sort of fruity, sort of floral and unlike any other scented lip product I’ve ever smelled before. That being said, once it’s on the lips, it’s not something that bothered me at all and it faded quickly. This balm has a lot of slip to it, but it really works. I’ve used this everyday since I got it. This is also full size and retails for $9!

In my second bag, I got the first three items- the liner, liquid lipstick and blush PLUS two skin care items!

First was this Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. I’ve actually received this in another subscription earlier this year but I used it all up and really enjoyed it. I wanted to purchase this, but I got caught up testing out new products. I was happy to see this in my bag! This sample is worth $9.90

Lastly, I got this new Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gels. As someone with oily skin, I LOVE gel cleansers and so far, I’ve loved all the new Tarte skin products that they launched! The full size of this is only $25 and the bottle is HUGE at 5oz so if I like this one, I think the price is super reasonable! This sample is .25oz so it’s worth just $1.25, but I’m still super excited about getting this!

In my first bag, I received $51.60 and my second bag was only worth $43.75. Even though one bag was worth more, I was excited to see all of these products. I’m hoping that next month, my products don’t overlap, but I got two of these AMAZING blushes so I shouldn’t complain!

Do you get Ipsy?! What was your favorite item this month?

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