Ipsy February 2017

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to make a silly special announcement and let you know that today is the 10 year anniversary of Britney Spears having a breakdown and shaving her head. Apparently there is a Lifetime movie in the works about that and her relationship with KFed and I am soooooo down. But anyhow! Ipsy is here! If you don’t already know what Ipsy is, it’s a $10 monthly beauty subscription. I just started receiving this subscription again after a year break but before that, I received every bag starting with their second bag ever. You get 5 items, generally sample or travel sizes, sometimes full size. You never know but the value is usually pretty good. In the past, I haven’t always received items that felt personalized to me but they do claim to personalize your bag for you. In addition to the items, you do get a little makeup bag and sometimes that are SUPER cute.

This month’s Ipsy bag was throwing 70’s vibes all over the place with and orange trimmed denim bag complete with a big pair of lips!

I thought this bag was pretty cute. Sometimes I use these, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I fill them up and give them away to friends so I’m never disappointed in having a new one every month.

I had 3 items (that counted as two) that didn’t fit inside my actual bag this month. Up first was this duo of sheet masks from BioBELLE. I did receive a set of two sheet masks last month BUT I also rated that item super high and said I would like to see more items like it in my future bags and honestly, I would do a sheet mask everyday if I could afford it and had the time. When I get to slow down and do a skin care ritual like this, I’m super happy.

The packaging on these is also so adorable! These retail for $4.99 each making this a “sample value” (they’re both full size) of $9.98!

The other item that didn’t fit inside the bag was this LUXIE beauty Rose Gold 514 Blush Brush. I’ve received two Luxie brushes from Ipsy in the past and I’ve gone on to purchase 3 others. I’m a huge fan of these super soft cruelty free brushes and I actually pouted a little when I saw other people got this last month. This brush retails for $18 but there are often sales on LUXIE products (I don’t mean that you say this brush is not worth $18, I believe it is, but I’ve never paid full price which is a bonus. I usually hear about their sales on Instagram!)  It looks like they’ve expanded to also sell eyeshadow pans for $6 so I’m excited to try some of their makeup soon, too!

This brush has longer, more spread out bristles which means it’s great for laying down a flush of product instead of overdoing your blush look. I prefer these for my powder and even cream blushes (which you could use with this brush too since it’s synthetic).

Next is a new product from HIKARI. This is their Cream Pigment in Latte.

This is a stunning bronze matallic shade. Because of the plastic packaging, I really want to depot this but because it’s called a “cream” pigment, I’m scared it would dry out! The full size comes in a pot with a screw on lid. I’m really struggling with this decision! The 4g size of this retails for $13, so this is a $6.50 sample value.

Next, was another full size product! I received this NYX Butter Lipstick in “Lifeguard”.

People who got this item received either Lifeguard or Ripe Berry. They’re somewhat similar colors but I hoped for this one since I’ve been wanting to get some more red lipsticks lately. I’m just feeling red lipstick vibes and this absolutely met that for me!  These are $6 but right now, all lippies are 40% off on their website making them only $3.60- SCORE!

Lastly, I got another full size product. This is the bellpierre Cosmetics VolumeLASH waterproof Mascara. So, real talk. I’ve tried a few bellpierre products and I always like them, but because of what I’ve tried (glitter and pigments), I don’t always reach for them. Not because they aren’t good but simply because I don’t use glitter often and I have several pigments that I always forget to use. I was not thrilled to see that this was waterproof because I don’t generally use waterproof.

When I saw that the want was the spiky plastic type, I really, really didn’t think I was going to like this. I was wrong. So wrong. This mascara is amazing! I’m so glad I tried this out and got this. I’ve been needing a new mascara. I have naturally long lashes with a little bit of curl, but they lack fullness and volume. This mascara makes me look like I have falsies on and it stays put. I have yet to try to remove this, but I have my Lancome remover and the determination to make this work! This baby retails for $20 so I hope it lasts a long time so I’m convinced it’s worth it when I run out and need to purchase a new one!

So, for my $10 Ipsy bag, I got $60.48 worth of goodies, all but one of them was full size and with the sheet masks, I feel like I got a two-for-one. This month’s bag was really great and I’m slowly falling back in love with Ipsy!

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