Ipsy + Benefit #LashBash Package!

I know personally, I’ve been looking ALL over online to see what would be in the exciting Lash Bash Party Packs so I thought I would throw together some photos of mine! It JUST arrived and is full of super exciting goodies for me and my party guests!

DSCN0025My box arrived FedEx (for anyone still waiting on theirs!) and was a 12x8x8 deep. I saw some people said it was smaller than they anticipated, but it’s makeup, it’s small but it’s a BIG deal 😉

DSCN0029First thing I pulled out were the goodie bags. Aren’t these cute! They look like luggage. I’ll be getting some tissue paper to make these extra special for the #RosyGirlsNightIn

DSCN0033Each party guest, will receive these 3 deluxe Benefit Minis in their goodie bag.

DSCN0036While these are minis, they aren’t super small! They’re definitely going to last them a while!

DSCN0032As party extras, we got a booklet about Benefit products and some coupons for freebies available with purchase of They’re Real.

DSCN0030We also got party napkins and a #realsies frame for fun Instagram photos.

DSCN0039We also got 6 products for use as Testers at the party. I love the idea of letting guests play with all these products! I’ll have to get to cleaning some makeup brushes so I can let the girls go for it!

DSCN0026Lastly, the most exciting part for me- my hostess gift! I got this ADORABLE makeup bag and a full size of They’re Real Mascara. Did you know that They’re Real is the #1 selling mascara in the world. This is by units, not profit. That means that more They’re Real tubes are sold than ANY other brand in the US. That many women can’t be wrong 😉 Plus, I’ve said it once before, I’m a SUCKER for exclusives and you can’t buy this makeup bag anywhere currently. Don’t I feel special 😉 (*Bonus, the back is see through so I can take this to work with me!)

Overall, I was excited for our get together next Saturday but this bumped it up a notch! Thank you SO much to Benefit and Ipsy! If you aren’t already an Ipsy subscriber and want to join for your chance to maybe host a fun party like this one, be sure and check them out HERE! For only $10 a month (no shipping or taxes!) you receive 5 full size and deluxe size (real deluxe size like the ones above!) beauty products delivered right to your door! They work with amazing brands like Benefit so you know you’re getting quality, on trend products!

Stay tuned for our #RosyGirlsNightIn!


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