Ipsy August 2015, Part 2

If you’re new to my blog, the “Part 2” might confuse you, but I’ve been with Ipsy for over 3 years and about a year ago, I opted to get a second bag. If you’re not familiar with Ipsy, it’s a monthly subscription bag that costs $10 (shipped, within the US) and for the price, you receive 4-5 samples, sometimes full size items along with a bag. You can see this month’s bag in my Part 1 post HERE.

I’ve learned that often, getting two bags, I will get an item or two in both bags. For this month, I received two of the Natural Lipsticks by Noyah. Luckily, the color was really fun and since it was a sample size, I essentially have a full size lippy now! This lippy is a sample value of $5.60


The other 4 items are really great sizes! For this bag, I received two full size products and 3 sample sizes. I again, got two lip products. I don’t know why I’m so hung up on that this month. Maybe it’s because I’ve been heavily into my lip balms this summer. I really DO love lip products so I just need to get over myself! I checked and it seems like everyone received some sort of lippy this month and I’m certainly not the only one two got two!


Right on top, I found this polish from Aila. I’ve never heard of this brand and whether I end up in love or not, I absolutely adore trying never polish brands. This color is a deep grey with brown undertones. It’s a somewhat dark taupe. At first I wasn’t sure about the color, but I think this will be a fun alternative to black and berry hues this Fall. (You know, that week before Winter that happens in Texas) This color is called Mister Pookies. Love that.


On my nail, against my skin tone, this color is super rich!  I also noticed the polish provided great coverage and self-leveled beautifully. After I decided I liked this polish, I learned this is a luxury line! These retail for $17 each and I can certainly see that in the polish and packaging. I think I just found another polish line to be obsessed with!


The second full size product in my bag is this Waterproof Gel Lip liner by Absolute New York. This brand is on the more affordable side, but so far, I’ve really enjoyed their products. This color is “True Red” but I found it to be a little on the berry side when swatched. I used this as a lipstick, completely filling in the lip and I love it! It lasted okay through wine and tapas, but overall, it felt great! I’ll likely purchase more of these in the future. This retails for just $4.99

IMG_3856I was really excited to see this Face Wash by Lather in my bag! I’ve been wearing more makeup this month than I did earlier in the summer so I’m in the market to try some new skin care products. Plus, every season, I make a point to switch up my routine! This wash foams great and does a good job while still being gentle. I secretly enjoy the “striped” clean feeling of face wash and this one is a good inbetween. It’s overall refreshing. This is a sample value of $3.17


Lastly, I received this Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Blow Dry Spray. I really enjoy seeing volumizing hair products, but I’m the laziest person when it comes to my hair and I feel guilty because I never end up using these! This one smells a little earthy, but really nice! I need to make it a point to give this a go! My hair could definitely use the volume! This 1oz sample is worth $3.53

This bag was not worth as much as my first bag at $34.29 but the value is still great for a $10 bag! I’m not sure which bag I loved best! The polish and lip liner in this bag really wow, but I found the blush from my first bag to be a true game changer! Overall, Ipsy is always a fun surprise!



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