Ipsy August 2015, Part 1


I had an especially busy mail today today! My first Ipsy bag showed up, unexpected, without warning. I hadn’t even peaked this month, so I was completely surprised! This months bag is a houndstooth print with a fun pop of pink. This bag feels a bit plastic-y, but also has a cool ribbed texture. The inside is lined with a polyester fabric, also in pink. I think this will be cute for fall. For now, it’s August, the hottest month in Texas so while I’m loving the nods to Fall, I’m reminded that today it was 106 degrees in my front yard. Anyhow, onward to the contents!


This month’s bag was packed with 5 sweet items, so far, I don’t think any of these are full size, but they are all big sample sizes! I love that there is a good mix of products, though I did get two lip products.


Up first is this lipstick by Noyah. This is an all-natural lipstick line and I adore the shade I got called “Desert Rose”. It’s less brown than I would expect based on the name and is a fun pop of pink. This appears to be their older packaging and it is a bit cheap feeling. Their new tubes look like they are made of bamboo which is super cute!


This 1.4g sample is worth $5.60 I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this tube! The formula is pretty creamy and goes on glossy. For me, this is one of those shades I can’t pull off without a full face of makeup, it runs a little on the pastel side.



Next, I got this deluxe sample of the La Fresh Eco-Beauty Night Cream. I adore La Fresh and this packet samples are really great for travel! This one has a bit of a botanical smell that is super refreshing and I love that this one is suppose to give you not only hydrated, soother skin but plumper skin! This size retails for $13.99 and is a great way to try out a good cream instead of getting a large jar for $40!


At first, this product confused me. This is the Divine Skin Hydrator by Albertini.


The confusion came when I read how it works. You can apply it in the shower then rinse away or apply it outside of the shower. So….is it a lotion? No, it’s a gel. But does it feel like a lotion? No, it’s better. I applied this on dry, clean skin and at first it was a tiny bit sticky, but absorbed into my skin very quickly! It didn’t leave my skin greasy or feeling like I put anything on it at all. It just felt more supply, smooth and hydrated. Like I’d been keeping up with my water in take! (I try, I really do!) This is unscented but smells like the shea butter that’s in it, so it smells nice! The price tag isn’t too big on this one at $16 for a large 9oz bottle, making this sample worth $1.78. With the 20% off offer on Ipsy right now, I’m getting more of this right away!


This one is a first for me! I don’t own anything from LORD & BERRY and this lipliner in Nude is so perfect!


This liner is creamy, goes on smooth and I really do love the color. This halfsie size is worth $9! So far, LORD & BERRY has my attention!


Lastly, the product I was most excited to see is this Doll 10 HydraGel Cream Blush in Flirt. This is a beautiful shade and like with most cream blushes, you can really control the intensity of the color you’re after. My only issue is that this product doesn’t seem to exist outside of Ipsy. I guess they made it exclusively for Ipsy but if I love it, then I couldn’t repurchase. The other options are that it could be old (boo, hiss) or it could be new. I feel like if this was a pre-launch, they would have excitedly tell us. Based on other products in the line and the size of this (the bronzer is $30 and half this size, same with the powder blush), I would say this is a $10 value.

This month was pretty good value wise at $40.37 I do really wish I knew what was going on with this blush and as much as I like lip products, unless they go together, I don’t want two in my bag in the same month. These two would look horrible together! But they’re lovely on their own. I certainly got my moneys worth here!

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