International Kissing Day with Arbonne!


If you didn’t already hear on social media, it is IN FACT International Kissing Day! So, grab your best lippie and lay one on someone you love! I thought it would be the perfect day to share a lipstick lineup I’ve been dying to try ever since the release and that is the Smoothed Over Lipsticks by Arbonne. If you can believe it, it took me a little over 3 years to get my hands on these. I own a lot of lipstick and with the liquid matte lipstick craze, I feel like these got swept under the rug. This formula is hands down the best thing that no one is talking about!


I tried out two shades, a stunning nude called “Magnolia” and a bright, fiery pink called “Peony” (don’t let the tame name fool you, this is one bold lippie!).


I found the packaging to be sturdy, but simple. The stickers on the bottom reflect the shade of the lipsticks inside very closely making these easy to find if you own a sea of lipsticks like I do. These close and “click” like a standard lipstick, but I have thrown these in a purse and had no issues with the cap coming off- a huge pet peeve of mine.


So, let’s talk shades. I am on the pale side but I’ve got a touch of sun this season. Magnolia  ended up being a wonderful nude for someone even as pale as me. I imagine this wouldn’t work on very dark skin tones, but I think a light olive or very tan complexion would look great in this shade! Peony is a universally flattering bright pink. It looks fun on anyone!

dsc01435_28011846982_oThe formula is heaven. They’re creamy and smooth and very, very pigmented!


Excuse my “styled by time in the pool” hair, but here is my #InternationalKissingDay pose featuring Magnolia. The formulation is packed full of hydrating products like castor seed oil and jojo  along with several fruit extracts for natural lip-plumping. It has to be said that these will leave your lips feeling better than before you applied them.

These retail for $28 and are vegan (and therefor not tested on animals).

While I didn’t use a lipliner with these swatches, Arbonne carries a full range of lipliners, many more lipsticks and glosses, too! Be sure and check out Arbonne online to see their full range and stay tuned for my review on some of their new brow products! If you want to see what Peony looks like on, head over to my Instagram!

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