In Stitches with Sally Hansen #RosySnailHalloween


Happy September everyone! If you didn’t know, most of this month and ALL of next month is reserved for getting ready for just one night, Halloween! We prepare and then prepare some more! From creative hair and makeup to decorations and even drink recipes, get ready for the full #RosySnailHalloween experience. I thought I would kick this off with a look that is fairly easy and some tips on perfecting this “In Stitches” french tip mani!


You will need:

-Base Coat: I start every mani out with Nail Envy of some variety.
-The Perfect Orange: I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in “Desert Poppy”. It’s important to get a quality, pigmented polish because for this look, you need one-coat coverage. This bottle is ideal and won’t break the bank!
-Black Striper: This Art Deco striper in “Black” from L.A. Colors is only $1 at Dollar Tree and similar stores and you honestly can’t beat it! It’s pigmented, the brush is the perfect size to get thin and thick lines, it dries quickly and IT’S A DOLLAR.
-Top Coat: My current Holy Grail top coat is the CND Weekly Top Coat. The last thing you need is to do all this hard work for a chipped mani on day two. Insure your nail art with a quality top coat. (TIP: This top coat retails for $10.50 in Ulta stores and qualifies for their $3.50 off coupon they often have online. Get it for only $7 plus tax!)
-Cuticle Care: Keep it classy with a good oil or hand cream when it’s all said and done. Another  Holy Grail of mine is the CND Solar Oil. (This one costs a little more, but is also eligible for the discount!)


The secret to getting the crisp “smile lines” on any french tip manicure if binder reinforcers! TIP: The cheaper ones work better! You want a reinforcer that has a matte “paper” finish as opposed to a shiny, glossed plastic finish. Two reasons: the paper ones are less sticky and therefor less likely to lift the polish and two, the excess polish will be absorbed into the paper while you paint, leading to less mess!


There is a little bit of a learning curve to applying these straight and getting crisp lines BUT because of the way this nail art is layered, this is the perfect manicure to practice with! You want to place the circle square in the middle, then take your thumb and pointer nail from the opposite hand and firmly push it into the sides of the nails. This will keep it even as opposed to trying to lay down the circle from one side of the nail to the other. Next, paint! TIP: You’ll want to do this a little heavy handed! This will create a small “edge” that will make drawing with the striper effortless. 


The hardest part is laying down those lines BUT if you followed the last tip, you’ve got the upper hand.


. First, rub the stripers brush down so that it is nearly dry. Then follow the groove between the nail and the orange “smile line”. I like to go from left to the middle, then from the right to the middle and meet in the middle. TIP: If you mess up a spot, turn that into a stitch!

For the stitches, get crazy! It doesn’t need to be even or perfect!


Before you top this mani, make sure it’s completely dry! Whenever you layer a black over a lighter color, you’re always at risk for the colors to run so have a little patience before you finish the look!


Then you’re done! Viola! The best part is you can do this in countless color combinations! For a Frankenstein or Bride of Frankenstein look, this looks great in green with silver “stitches” to look like staples. Most of all, have fun!



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