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Next to liquid lipsticks, my favorite beauty trend is treating and caring for your skin from the inside out! I learned pretty quickly that it’s important to eat healthy in order to keep your skin clear (I attribute my acne free complexion to my love of water, for sure!) because everything you put into your body effects you in one way or another. So, when companies began branding supplements and vitamins to improve your skin, hair and nails, I was all over it! Recently, I was approached by HUM Nutrition to try their Runway Ready formula and I’m a few weeks in and ready to give you a little info!


HUM carries a HUGE range of these supplements that cover everything from acne and a dull complexion to healthy sleep and even a liver detox (hello hangovers!). You can check them out HERE but I have to say, I’m seriously impressed with the selection and want to get a bottle of them all! They range in price from $10 to things like the B12 Turbo to $40 for Collagen Love. You can get a bottle of one specific treatment or there are a few that are combo packs like the one above. “Runway Ready” is actually a combination of two products, their #1 best seller, “Red Carpet” and “Killer Nails


I think it’s super handy to have a full 30-day supply of packets to just take on the go!
The Runway Ready daily packs give you:
-Shiny & fuller hair
-Stronger nails
-Glowing skin
A few of the key ingredients include black currant seed oil, sunflower seed oil and vegan biotin. Looking at the 3 pills, it’s easy to see the white pill contains biotin and the two gel caps are the oils. I was happy to see very easy to read and understand ingredients listed under “other” like glycerin and a carrageenan. (which the label explained is extracted from edible, food grade seaweed) so no funny filler here.

It’s easy to plan your day with these, the old really “to-do” is that you take these once a day with food. Two weeks in and I’ve noticed quite a bit going on! My nails are growing faster, stronger and  in what seems like a cruel twist of fate, my roots are seriously showing through! Looks like I’ll need a cut and color pretty soon. My skin is going through a little bit of an odd stage after ending my #21DSD and now that I’m honestly eating poorly, it’s a bit of a mess. I expect this improvement would take the longest regardless (it took me almost 50 of the 60 days I took the last supplement to notice a huge skin improvement) of what my diet is doing.

Overall, these are easy to take and I think HUM Nutrition is really a brand to watch!

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