Healthy, Matte Skin with Erno Laszlo


When I hear anything about the brand Erno Laszlo, I instantly think of how iconic this brand is. If you’ve never heard anything about them, I’d guess you were new to the world of high-end skin care 😉 They recently got a lot of press attention for their Hollywood Collection, you can read my review on the boxed set HERE. The Hollywood collection was fabulous, but this time around, I got the chance to try out some serious makeup artist favorites and found the perfect duo for healthy, moisturized skin that is still matte and supple, just like I like it!

DSC_0097When you have oily skin, it’s easy to think that skipping a moisturizer is a good step for you, especially in the day time. In reality, you can keep your skin hydrated and soft without adding to the oil slick you’re trying to avoid. Since I’m fair skin and spend a lot of time outside with my boys, I opted for something with a good deal of SPF in it. This is the R.E.M. Day Lotion SPF 30.
This lotion is mostly fragrance free, with a side of that traditional, clean SPF scent and applies smooth. This absorbs nearly matte with no greasy or oily residue left, just a slight glimmer. This was highlight for me on this entire product. The weightlessness and quick absorbance on my skin really stood out to me. I’d never had a product melt into my skin so easily. This is a set of of the “Timeless Skin System”. Take it from me, no matter your age, the word “timeless” is not one to be avoided! I hope my skin looks this good when I’m 50. I found this lotion to be hydrating, lightweight and it really improved the overall “glow” of my face when I wasn’t wearing makeup at all.

The science behind this product is actually really wonderful as well, they use special ingredience to achieve three goals for your skin:
• Repairs: Ginkgo Biloba extract increases cells’ oxygen uptake.
• Soothes: Avocado, Sesame & Sunflower oils soothe and nourish the skin.
• Protects: Four sunscreens provide broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB damage.

This 3oz bottle retails for $90 and will last you for a very long time!


To really mattify the skin, I then applied the Shake-It Tinted Treatment. As the name applies, these bottles need to be shaken before applied. They separate into a clear and colored sections but take mere seconds to marry together into the product. Because this is a tinted product, it’s available in a range of skin tones. I received “Light Beige 915” and “Shade 0 913”, the more yellow one is Shade 0. I found that this one works best on my cheeks and around my nose where I have some redness. Both work find on my skin tone, but during the winter, I’ll be more a shade 0 than a Light Beige.


Much like the lotion, this product is meant to do three key things for your skin:
• Balances: Oil-free formula offers a translucent, matte finish.
• Conceals: Minimizes the appearance of pores.
• Corrects: Evens our skin tone and reduces redness

I find all of these to be spot on and honestly, this product has become my little secret! I use it overtop or under (depending on the coverage of my foundation that day) my makeup to give my face a flat, matte look. Since using this product, I’ve had several co-workers mention how nice my skin is and how I look like a “doll”. To anyone with oily skin, I highly, highly recommend this! It’s perfect for combination skin as well, I’d just recommend using it where you get oily and less so on your dry areas. I apply this very lightly with a small foundation/stippling brush and let it dry, within seconds I have a matte, air brushed look. The best part is with this product my foundation and look last all day and no oil gets through to disrupt all the hard work I’ve put into my face! You only need the smallest amount so I was shocked that this 6.8oz bottle retails for only $39. It seems like a lifetime supply!

Overall, I thought I really loved the Hollywood Collection, which was my first run in with Erno Laszlo but now, I’ve found products from his collection that I truly couldn’t see myself being without! If you haven’t already, head over to their website and take the “Ritual Quiz” to find out which products would be recommended to you. I took mine and it was absolutely spot on. I was diagnosed as “Normal-Combination“.



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