Halloween with Mehron: A First Look

Last year, after my first Face Paint purchases, I started reading around and that was the first time I ever heard about the Mehron Paradise AQ Paints. They, like others in my collection, are water activated. I purchased an 8-pan palette just after new years to play with it and fell hard! Earlier last month, I got an email about Mehron products and was able to get my hands on some fabulous goodies for tutorials this year! A VERY special thank you to Mehron & Sabrina from their PR team for sending these! There will be a lot more on these in my upcoming tutorials but you can check out the entire collection at Mehron.com (these are considered their performance line so click to the right!).


Here’s a little overview. I did purchase some of these, but let me explain!


Up first is the Mixing Liquid and the Metallic Powders. They sent me this in Gold and I loved in so much that I also purchased it in Rose Gold and knowing me, I’m likely to grab a silver as well! The liquid turns these powders into an amazing, fluid metal paint! There is no cracking once this dries down and it lasts and lasts! While it doesn’t claim to be waterproof, I’ve drank with this on my lips and had no problems. Luckily whenever you add a bit of soap, just scrub the tiniest bit to remove. 10 out of 10, highly recommend this for anything metallic you might be working on!


The Gold and Rose gold are pretty similar in color, but I love the cool undertones in Rose Gold so I had to have that one in my collection, too! It only takes a little of the liquid and powder to cover an entire face or limb so this is truly a big bang for your buck!


The other clear liquid in the lineup is the Barrier Spray. I’ve heard that this is a fabulous sealer for cream makeups, water activated paints or any combination of the two. I’ve been wanting to try highlighting with white cream over water activated paints per Jordan Hanz’s recommendation and I think this will give me the courage! I’ve also heard this is perfect to protect that skin for those who are allergic to latex and that would be ME. I’m going to take one for the team and really see if it works (my allergy is fairly mild).

Side Note: Those are my natural nails and I’m so proud. Can you tell?!


Okay, before I talk about how amazing this blood is, I need someone to tell me if this is Alex Faction on this packaging because I’ve been starring at this picture for an hour and I’ve convinced myself that it absolutely has to be him.


This Blood Splatter is so perfect for an instant SPLASH for fresh blood. It comes out almost toxic red and dries down matte and doesn’t go anywhere. If you’re a pale weird-o like me, it can stain, but I’ve put up with worse for the perfect costumer SFX! The picture is just one tiny spray, so imagine if I went all out!


Lastly, they sent the holy grail to end all holy grails: Paradise Makeup AQ palette.

dsc01866Like I mentioned before, these are water activated and they are amazing paints! They smell like tropical coconuts, too! I love these for large and small face painting designs. These layer wonderfully and hold up to a lot of movements and even layering makeup over top! If you’re just getting started, I really think the 8-color palettes are the way to go!

I hope you liked this little first impression of these and I cannot wait to create and tell you more about these! Be on the lookout for those here and on my Instagram!

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