Halloween Makeup Prep!

Halloween is almost here and I’m so excited! I love to get really dressed up around Halloween, no matter what I’ve got planned, but this year, I’m especially excited because I’m got multiple reasons to dress up! I’ll be doing a makeup look for work, a full costume for my friend’s party (we’re doing matching costumes!) and I’ll dress up a little to take my littles around the neighborhood. Plus, I’m doing a few more looks just for some fun inspiration! While Halloween makeup can really vary in the skill level required, I think one thing is true across the board; you need quality items to get a long-lasting, flawless look! I’m working with a few great companies to bring you 4 fun Halloween looks this year!


Everything needs a GREAT base and I’ve recently fallen in love with the Purely Pro foundation line. Aside for amazing coverage, this breathable formula feels nearly weigh less on my face! Plus, it last ALL day long. In addition to this great foundation, I’ve yet to find a Purely Pro Cosmetics product that didn’t become a fast favorite for me! Their lipsticks are now my #1 Matte finish lippies! I’ll be using their products throughout ALL my looks!

MUFE 12 ColorFor looks that you’d traditionally use nasty face paints for, I’m relying on this amazing palette from Make Up For Ever. I’ve been playing with this for a little while now, including a fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles look for my son, and loving every minute of it!

Pencil Me in

For the finer details, I’m using these super pigmented, creamy pencils from Pencil Me In. This is a fairly new brand to me, but I’m loving the ease of application, color range and how pigmented these are.

To see how these are put to use be sure to check back each day this week for a fun makeup look and the tips and tricks used to create it!


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