Halloween Clean-up with Mop Top


It’s no secret that Halloween is a messy night for your littles. From face paint to lollipops, things can get real sticky, real quick. At the end of the night, it’s time for a bubble bath and what I can only describe as a serious deep clean! This year, we partnered with Fuzzy Duck by Mop Top for some squeaky clean kids!


The Fuzzy Duck line is made with all natural ingredients and is free of parabens and sulfate. The line is formulated to help bring out the beautiful, natural texture of your little guy or gals hair! For my oldest, Parker, that means his adorable, natural waves! He tested these beauties out tonight and loved the light citrus smell!


He started bath time with the Kids Shampoo & Body Wash. This two in one smells great and is perfect for any hair type! On top of the all natural ingredients, this is made with no silicones or alcohol, water-soluble ingredients and is infused with aloe, sea botanicals and honey! On top of that, it’s also tear free! A must for little dudes looking for some independence during bath time!


For conditioning, Fuzzy Duck has two great options! They make a traditional Kids Conditioner and a Detangle and Leave-in creme. Each of these adds great moisture and body to the hair and work great! The leave-in has a slightly lighter fragrance and is perfect for boys or girls!


After you’re all squeaky clean, it’s time to style! This Kids Gel smells great and adds fun texture and hold! It’s great for styling for Halloween, too! This would make a great Clark Kent curl or spikes for your favorite super villian!

Overall, we love these natural products and they make quick work of post Halloween fun! Be sure and check them out online!

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