Grace & Stella Luxurious Foot Peeling Mask

WARNING: You are about to enter the world of feet. My feet. If you don’t like looking at feet, this just isn’t the post for you. If you’re like me and you’ve tried pedicures, pumis stones, lotions and creams and you’re ready for the BEST foot care experience of your life; you’re gonna wanna keep reading.


A few weeks ago, I got an email from a company called Grace & Stella Co. telling me about their Luxurious Foot Peeling Mask. You might have heard of this type of mask before. They use lactic acid and glycolic acid to peel all the dead skin from your feet. Not only that, but there is no scrubbing or manual work involved. You soak your feet in the mask “booties” for an hour and then 5-7 days later. The process begins.

From my experience, all these types of masks promise the same thing and work the same (give or take a few minutes on the soak time and a day or two wait for the results). The thing I quickly learned was that all these masks are NOT created equal. Prior to the email I received, I had tried 3 other brands of these masks. One was available for sale at Ulta for around $25, another I purchased from Amazon for a little under $8 and the last was the famed “Baby Foot.” None of them did anything for my feet. I’m not big on pedicures so I honestly thought maybe my feet were just too bad! So, ever the persistent one, I agreed to try out this foot mask from Grace & Stella.

IMG_4396 (1)

I hopped in the shower and scrubbed my feet, then soaked them in warm water for about 35 minutes. After that, I slipped on these booties and taped them closed. It’s not easy to walk in these so I highly recommend you get a tea and plan to sit back and relax. I added some big fluffy socks over just to be a touch more comfortable and in case I did need to get up, I wouldn’t crunch down the hallway. One hour later, you wash and dry your feet.

After that, you wait. You want to avoid lotions and moisturizer because essentially, the mixture is drying and releasing the dead skin cells from your healthy skin underneath and you don’t want lotions and moisturizers to try to “heal” that process. To move the process along, you can soak your feel for 15-30 minutes each day. Unfortunately, I had an unexpected death in the family so I went out of town for 4 days and during this time, my feet weren’t my focus so personally, I didn’t soak my feet at all.

I got home the following Monday and the morning of Day 5, I started to notice some weird happenings.

IMG_4446 (1)

(Please excuse my dirty feet, I am a barefoot hippie most days!) The first thing I saw was this “blister” on my big toe! It didn’t hurt but was shocking to see!


So I soaked my feet for about an hour while I worked on my computer. From that point forward, things escalated very quickly.


The middle arch of each of my feet came off in large sheets. It’s important that you don’t pull on the skin in a rough manner. The directions say to not pull at all, but I’m trying to be more realistic. It’s too tempting! I tried to only pull VERY gently and only right after a soak when the skin was soft.

IMG_4464 (1)

It’s best to wear socks for the several days (up to two weeks) while you skin peels because it came get a little messy. Not only do the bottoms of your feet peel, but also between your toes and around your nail beds and most of the tops of my feet too. Actually, those are still peeling just a little! For about 3 days, you’re going to take your socks off to the above scene.


After 2 weeks, these are my results. After 3 failed attempts, you could say I was blown away by the results. I honestly didn’t expect it to work after so many fails and I just thought I would try it. I’ve always loved the idea of these masks and was starting to thing people were pulling one over on me! If you google foot peels, you see pictures just like the ones above BUT why wasn’t it working for me?! Now, I can join the club and say that YES, I’ve tried a foot mask that rocks!

Usually, the Grace & Stella Co. Luxurious Foot Peel Mask retails for $32.95 but right now, you can snag one for only $9.95 on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members! Check that out HERE.



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