Glossybox September 2015

This past week, I got an email from Glossybox that my box had shipped. I was a little surprised because I haven’t been a Glossybox subscriber for some time now. I honestly couldn’t tell you why I unsubscribed and I even went back to past reviews I posted while I was a subscriber and there were a few great boxes and some so-so boxes. The thing that rings true with Glossybox is you will get high end brands that other boxes aren’t working with from time to time. Other than that, I find that the sample sizes are about the same as Ipsy or Beauty Box 5 and for a box that is more than double the price, I sometimes wonder what I’m paying extra for. That being said, I thought we could put it to a vote! Check out what came in this box below and comment if you think I should re-subscribe or not! If “yes” wins over, I’ll subscribe for at least 3 months.


So, I’m sure you guys know the iconic Glossybox pink box. The subscription is $21 a month (shipping included) and includes 5 deluxe size samples with a full size sprinkled in here or there.


This was the contents of my box. I did poke around on Facebook and know that an astronomical number of subbies had broken powders, polishes or both this month. Luckily for me, mine came intact. I can only imagine how frustrating that would have been and I hope they take care of those issues! This powder totally could have benefited from some bubble wrap! It never hurts.


The first thing I pulled out was a Glam Glow product. I initially thought this was the mud mask, which I’ve received several times in different boxes but I’m thrilled that this is one of their new mud to foam cleansers! I’ve been absolutely dying to try this out! This 1oz sample will be plenty of uses so I can get an idea if I love it or not. This has a sample value of $7.80


Next is a full size Julep Luxe Lip in “Sheer Pink.” I have a weird hang up about subscription box companies like Julep and Starlooks putting their products into other subscription boxes. If I wanted their products, I would subscribe to their boxes. Right? So, this has a neat metal applicator and feels great going on but when you take the applicator away, there is a gritty texture that I just cannot get over. The consistency is also very thin, which isn’t my favorite for a “conditioning” product. This is a miss for me. This is full size and retails for $24. Also, I feel like I have to take all Julep retail prices with a grain of salt because I know very few people who pay full price for their items.


Next, was this adorable tiny bottle from Biossance. This is called “The Revitalizer” but essentially, it’s squalane…and by essentially, I mean that is all it is. There is absolutely nothing else in it. Al all. Nadda. It doesn’t specify what “type” of squalane (which source it comes from) and I wish it did. You only need a few drops so if you’ve been wanting to try this product, this is a good sample size and a value of $4.78


Another products that is new to me is this Emite Makeup Arist Colour Powder Blush in “108”. This is more of a peach undertone bronzer, which is great for fall. There is no shimmer so if you are more of an olive or medium skin tone, you could likely contour with this. I think this will go great  with strobing or adding a touch of bronze with your deep jewel tones this season. This is full size and retails for $22.


Lastly, I pulled out this Nails Inc London nail polish in “Uptown”. I really like this shade and it’s no secret that I love nail polish. Surprisingly I don’t own any Nails Inc though I’ve used their brand before and enjoyed it. This is not quite full size at .33oz and is worth $9.83.

The overall value of this box was $68.41. There were two complete misses for me, two products I am super excited about and one that is just so-so. That is about normal and what I expect to find in any beauty box, but the big difference is, I’ve gotted boxes with this value for less than what Glossybox charges. I think it would depend on if I feel like I’m getting better brands. The only true luxury brand I got was Glam Glow and I’ve received Glam Glow in Ipsy before so it’s not exclusive to Glossybox. The Emite Beauty is a new one to me so that might be a brand to get excited about, I’ll have to check into it!

Comment below if you think we need to give Glossybox a few more months to wow us or if we’re ready to pull the plug!


  1. Leah says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t resub to Glossybox. Personally I would probably chose a different sub entirely. Likely one of the Asian/Korean/Japanese Beauty Boxes. Since my skintone similar to yours is on the lighter side I don’t have problems with BB/CC/foundation shades. But I’m also becoming much more interesed in Korean skincare and makeup as I find it out performs typical American drugstore and higher end brands for drugstore to mid range brand prices. And there are now several sub boxes that fit this category to chose from. So unless YOU truly want to resub as a reader I’d rather read about a box you are truly interested in like bb5 or ipsy. But that is just my opinion.
    Best regards,

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