#Gleamalicious with Gleam by Melanie Mills

Okay, it’s true I absolutely GUSH every time I talk about Melanie Mills. Every. Single. Time. Why? Because Melanie Mills has made a career out of making people gleam! I got into esthetics to make women feel good about themselves and when I discovered makeup artistry, I really learned how to make someone really sparkle. I fell hard for glitter and highlighting products right around the time when I had the opportunity to meet Melanie herself and hear about how she was kicking up her gleam game even more!

So, first off, if you haven’t heard the name Melanie Mills before, I guarantee you’ve seen her work! Melanie Mills created Gleam by Melanie Mills which is a body cosmetic created while she was working on the set of Dancing with the Starts! Yeah, that beautiful tan and glow all the dancers have? You can blame that on Melanie Mills! She took this product and created an entire Gleam line!

I’ve been using Gleam products in my personal routine but also my bridal jobs and it’s gotten rave reviews. Recently, Gleam started carrying some great trial/mini kits so I wanted to tell you how you can try all of the colors for a great deal!



Recently I received a selection of  stunning products to try out! I received their Body Radiance, Radiant Dust and Lip Radiance!


It all started with Body Radiance. This is a liquid cosmetic, moisturizer and glowing highlight all in one. You simply apply Body Radiance all over the skin and work it in for a wonderful color and glow.


Body Radiance is available in 4 shades: Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold and Deep Gold. Shown above is Deep Gold and Rose Gold. Rose Gold is their signature color (and the original shade). These colors work for all skin tones. With Rose Gold, you get a beautiful golden shade with pink undertones. On fair skin, Deep Gold can be used to create a tan all by itself, just be sure and work it well into the skin.

Body Radiance is  transfer resistant, doesn’t stain and is streak free. Honestly, applying this product is absolutely fool proof. You can also achieve different tones with different colors on different skin tones and you can even mix the colors for a custom color. I personally love wearing Rose Gold, but recently discovered mixing Deep & Rose gold for a deeper, pink toned gold! Generally, Body Radiance is $15 per ounce, $30 for a 2oz bottle. Right now, you can get a Pro Pack featuring a 1oz bottle of each of the 4 shades for only $40. (The sizes above are the 1oz bottle)


They also just released a sampler of the Radiant Dust. After the success of Body Radiance, Melanie Mills worked to create a powder version of her much loved radiance shades. The power version opens up a whole new world of possibility. I prefer to use these on the face (especially for oilier skin types) and they work great for cheeks, lips and eyes. These are great for contouring the bust or collar bones as well as the face. The new sampler is $25 for a .3oz size (shown above) of each of the 4 shades!


Here is a comparison of the full size (which I own in Rose Gold) and the smaller sample sizes. The full size of the Radiance dust. As you can see, the original size is HUGE. I use this product all the time and you can barely tell I’ve used any of it at all!




Here are some swatches: Light Gold, Bronze Gold & Rose Gold.


Lastly, I received two Lip Radiance lip glosses. These lip glosses are ultra pigmented, hydrating and last forever on the lips! Think liquid lipstick but without that flat, drying feeling. These stay glossy and bold! These retail for $24 and come in 7 couture shades.


I received Naked, which has been a staple in my kit for a long time. I’ve repurchased this color at least twice. I’m in love! And Up Against the Wall. I had never tried this one, but I’ve fallen in love!


When I first swatched this I spent a few minutes studying it trying to decide how I would describe this to you guys. It’s a red, but it’s not a blue red or a red based red. It’s not quite a brick…then it hit me, like a brick. This is a lovely Marsala shade! Which happens to be the Pantone color of the year! I adore this gloss and can’t wait to do a night out look featuring this lip color!

If you haven’t already, be sure and check out Gleam by Melanie Mills online HERE or keep up with them on Facebook!
Gleam by Melanie Mills hands down makes the most fabulous body cosmetics I’ve ever tried but if that isn’t enough to sell you on them, you should know all the products are formulated:
• NO animal testing or products • NO sulfates • NO parabens • NO harsh ingredients • NO phthalates • NO GMOs • NO petroleum products and are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA



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