Gleam by Melanie Mills at Cosmoprof North America!


I stopped off in the “Spotlight” section of Cosmoprof to see a few familiar companies like Purely Pro Cosmetics and Gleam by Melanie Mills! I can 100% see why a convention like Cosmoprof would want to highlight something as unique as Gleam Body Radiance, there is really just nothing else like it on the market! I’ve been a fan for over a year now and I love to add an instant glow to my look with the easy to apply cream, but it was what I learned from Melanie at this event that really put this brand over the top!

DSC_2087They proudly displayed the product that started it all, Gleam Body Radiance! With 4 shades available this all over body makeup applies smooth and lasts all day! Whether you’re pale like me or a total beach bunny, this product takes your healthy glow to the next level in a matter of minutes! I’ve got NO complaints about this product what so ever…so I was shocked to see that Melanie found a way to kick it up a notch!


Meet Gleam Radiant Dust. This is available in the same 4 core shades as it’s cream counterpart but is easily applied with your brush of choice! (*Melanie mentioned that she IS planning to release some brushes very soon, but the brushes shown in this image were for demonstrations only. She seemed really pumped about the brushes so I can’t help but be excited too!) So, what is Radiant Dust and why do you need it? Melanie put it best when she simply said, “What if you just don’t want to cover yourself in a lotion?”. She’s got a point! What if it’s hot and humid outside? You know, like it is 99.9% of the time here in the Lone Star State!

DSC_2085She did a quick demo of the dust for me and it is just absolutely flawless! Application was quick with the Body Radiance, but the Dust takes a fraction of the time and leaves the same great gleam of color. In  my opinion seems better for face application. If you’ve got oily skin like I have, the idea of a cream/lotion on your face is just not quite as appealing as a nice, fine powder. I admit,  never had any issues using Body Radiance on my face.


Here are the four colors available. They correspond with the 4 Body Radiance colors: (left to right) Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold and Deep Gold.  It’s hard to tell in these pictures but these sifter jars are VERY large! I would estimate them to be about 3″ across. Oh and did I mention they smell good? Yep, like vanilla!
I’m very fair-skinned,  ranging from “Fair” to “Light Medium” foundation throughout the year and I’ve tried all colors. While it’s more natural looking to stick with a color in your shade range, there really is no wrong answer and even I can pull off the deepest color. Plus, these powders can be used anywhere you could possibly think: the body, on the face, as bronzer, even as eyeshadow. Gleam products are essentially fail proof!


I was lucky enough to get a picture with Melanie herself! Doesn’t she look absolutely glow-y?! She let me in on a few beauty secrets and even walked me through which Gleam products she was wearing…guess what?! She used almost all of them! This craft woman highlighted and contoured her face and body using different shades of her stunning products! I can’t wait to take a page out of that book when I get my hands on some Radiant Dust!

Speaking of books, Melanie Mills is slated to release a beauty “look book” of sorts called “Glitter & Glam“. I have seen a few exerts and I am SO, SO excited to read this book! She said it’s less of a tutorial filled number and meant more for inspiration and I couldn’t have felt more inspired after the few looks I was able to sneak a peek at! This gorgeous, full color, hard cover book will retail for a modest $22 and is a must have for every makeup lover. I can’t wait to share more on this book VERY soon!

Overall, I had an absolute BLAST at the Gleam booth! I’ve been a fan, but I’m turning fanatic after seeing the new products and getting to see the woman behind the brand and just how truly in love with her products she really is! Stay tuned for more on Radiant Dust and Glitter & Gleam!



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