Glass Dharma Glass Straws #StockingStuffers


I like a large array of beverages. I’m certainly a tea drinker, hot or cold, and more recently, I’ve developed a coffee habit (I’ve never gotten so much done in one day!!). No matter what I’m sippin’ on, I have to have a glass straw. It started with a way to have less waste. Obviously, having a sturdy glass straw would cut down on throwing out plastic straws or the ever popular paper straws, but it’s turned into a near obsession. For my glass straw addiction, I lean on the one and only Glass Straw Originator, Glass Dharma.


Glass Dharma makes beautiful glass straws for any beverage occassion. Their line includes straws for tea, smoothies and more recently, coffee sippers. Above is my favorite straw from their lineup called “Beautiful Bends“, this straw bends at just the right angle for a tall tea glass.


Their coffee straw features a smaller opening for hot beverages to be enjoyed at a slower pace, plus this straw fits into the opening of traditional to-go coffee cups. Drinking coffee out of a straw might seem like a foreign concept, but I’ve avoided a burn or two plus I use this straw to keep teeth staining drinks like coffee and wine from touching my teeth! It’s genius, really.


Recently, they told me they added a great new product to their shop! This bamboo mason jar lid is not only fun to look at but it’s another way to be responsible. Most mason jar lids are aluminum and can rush over time. By handwashing and reusing this lid, you can cut down on waste, too!


And of course, they have the perfect straw size for this lid, too! Their 5″ Earth Day straws (which come at a discount for their short size) fit perfectly into a standard mason jar topped with the new lids!


And by “standard” I mean this totally adorable “ugly sweater” mason jar I found at a local craft store! I’ve been drinking out of this beauty almost everyday! This is perfect for coffee, hot cocoa or even wine, it’s hard to spill so bottoms up!

These straws are a great stocking stuffer for the eco conscious friend or put together a great cup like the one above and gift hot cocoa mix, too! It’s a great white elephant gift!

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