#GiftGuideTop5 for the “Hair Diva”

I use the term “Hair Diva” loosely, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that several women in my family come to mind while I write this post. When you know someone loves to do their hair but you’re not a hair person, it can be really stressful! While I have a true love a quality hair care, I’m not good at hair so I envy those who are! I put together a quick list of our Top 5 “Hair Diva” gifts!


In no particular order, 5 fool proof Gifts for your #HairEnvy friend!



#1. Marula Daily Moisture Mist Leave-in Conditioning Heat Protector.
This all-hair type friendly mist adds light weight moisture (because it’s silicone free, it won’t weigh down fine nor thin hair!) while taming frizz, fighting tangles and protecting your hair from heat up to 428 degrees. Who’s this good for? Anyone who blow dries (who doesn’t blow dry during the winter? Oh, that office friend who’s always got the sniffles? They don’t count.), curls, straightens or crimps their hair. Yes, I’m still waiting for crimping to come back! The smell is subtle, but amazing. I may not be the best at describing scents, but this smells fancy. Aside from being silicone free, it’s also formulated without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Read: It’s okay for your color treated hair, too!
Snag this at Ulta or Nordstrom for $32


#2.  Rene Furterer 5 SENS enhancing dry oil. This one is a fun multi-tasker because you can use this on both your luscious locks or on your body for hydrated glowing skin. The 5 SENS is named for the 5 oils that make up it’s active plant based oils and their many benefits.
-Safflower Oil – Moisturizes and repairs
-Sweet Almond Oil – Nourishes and smoothes
-Avocado Oil – Nourishes and regenerates
-Castor Oil – Softens and strengthens
-Jojoba Oil – Covers and protects
Within this incredibly balanced dry oil, you’re sure to find  a benefit or two. I thought I was going a great job at hydrating my hair, but after just 2 uses, I noted an unmistakable  improvement. This is an easy holy grail product that is sure to impress any Hair Diva.
The scents noted for this oil include: Bergamot, Jasmine, Lilac, Spices, Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Amber and Musk. While this sounds overwhelming, I mostly smell the jasmine and the amber once it’s dried down. It’s heavenly.
You can find this online for $52 for 3.3oz. A little goes a LONG way in the hair or on the skin so I’d easily consider this a years worth of product.


#3. 1907 by Fromm Copper Core brushes.
In Texas, we muddle through stereotypes from time to time. Not everyone here owns a gun or cattle or says, “Howdy” and wears boots but if you’ve ever heard the saying, “The bigger hair closer to God.”, we’ll claim that one. Totally true. Round brushes have their time and place and when you discover the magic that is a great round brush, it’s hard to go back. This copper series from 1907 by Fromm is  well thought out and makes quick work of any DIY blowout.
The copper core adds superior temperate control and dries hair 30% faster, plus copper acts as a natural antimicrobial to kill 88% of bacteria. This is perfect for people with curly, dense hair that is more prone to a longer drying time and therefor at risk for bacterial growth. This is also perfect for those with fine, limp hair.
Purchase these brushes, available in 3 sizes, at BeautyBrands.com for $15.99-$17.00



#4. Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk.
Even those who have ZERO hair talent can appreciate this one. Dry shampoo is a product that I look back and wonder how I ever lived without so, when I gift a stunning dry shampoo and get to open someone else’s eyes, I’m always happy to do so! The thing that Klorane has mastered about dry shampoo is keeping the hair balanced while absorbing oil that keeps hair from being easy to style. I can’t rave about this dry shampoo enough!
You can get this at Sephora for $20.


#5. Invisibobble.
I’m the first to admit that this silly looking contraption reminds me of something not meant for hair, but hear me out. These curly little hair ties do an amazing job of never letting on that they did a job. They leave no creases, don’t flatten curls and they’re super light weight! If you’re ever in a pinch to throw your hair up for a task, but need to keep that style you worked on so hard- these are what you need! Plus, these cute little ties come in a tiny box of 3, making it so perfect for a stocking stuffer! You can find these online or at Urban Outfitters for $8 for a box!

And there you have it, in no particular order FIVE amazing gifting ideas for those who truely love their locks! Which is your favorite?!


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