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The first product I’m really loving that I’m excited to share is from Zoya. I’m always doing my best to keep up with the latest nail trends, which you might notice if you’re even on TheRosySnail instagram. From stamping and water marbles to french tips and gel manicures, my nails take a beating! All in the name of art! For the most part, it’s harmless and I keep a pretty good routine of rehydrating and caring for my nails. That doesn’t mean I’m immune to dry nails (especially after a week with gels on) or the ever annoying yellowing nails.


Zoya’s Naked Manicure is in essence, the anti-mani. It enhances your natural nails to look healthy, hydrated and “perfected”. You know, how they would look if you weren’t constantly abusing them! The Naked Manicure system is perfect for post gel manicure healing, anyone with imperfections on their nails like ridges, pits or any other surface imperfection, people who prefer to not wear polish colors but want their nails protected or someone who has peeling/dry nails.


Here are my nails “before”. As you can see, my nails are stained from polish use and quite dry! I recently cut them down quite a bit in hopes that I could grow out healthier nails using this system! This will be week 1 but I will certainly keep you all updated! You can also see on my middle and ring finer, I have some peeling layers. This is mostly from gel polish removal which can be brutal on already brittle nails!


There are multiple steps to getting this naked look. I tried out the Naked Manicure Professional Starter Kit. This kit features everything you’ll need. I personally would also recommend a cuticle remover, cuticle oil and if you’re in a rush, you can use the Zoya Fast Drops to dry your mani as quick as possible.


Everyone will start the same way with the Naked Base but from there, there are so many possiblities. There are 4 different shades of “perfector”: Pink, Buff, Nude and Mauve. (In order from recommended for lighter skin tone to recommended for darker skin tones). There is also a Lavender Perfector that neutralizes discoloration like the yellow/orange in my nails from polish staining and there is  a Tip Perfector for those who want to brighten the whites of their nail. From there, you can mix and match by layering different perfector colors to get the tone you want. While it’s recommended that someone who’s fair complected like myself use the Pink Perfector, I really liked the look of the Buff Perfector on my nails, too! Play around, there are so many options for each skin tone!


From left to right: (this is the Mini Professional Kit, a $35 value with .25oz bottles that THREE lucky readers will win!!) White Tip Perfector, Pink Perfector, Mauve Perfector, Nude Perfector, Buff Perfector, Lavender Perfector, Glossy Seal, Satin Seal Naked Base. Included in each of the kits is a great guide for layering these to help with different discolorations and looks!


I did a manicure yesterday with the Buff Perfector and it just didn’t turn out as “corrected” as I would have liked. I was really scratching my head to try and figure out why when I realized I skipped the Lavender Perfector by mistake! It makes such a huge difference with the tone you get if you have any discoloration on your nail!


Here are my nails with two coats of Lavender Perfector and one coat of the Pink Perfector. Sealed with the Satin Seal, this would look the most like natural, plain nails and might be my favorite look.


Next, I did the Tip Perfector. Now, this step does have a bit of a curve. I found that the white would be too harsh if I needed to go over it more than once, but was softened once you put on the Satin Seal. I like the look it gives if you can get it right in one light pass, like shown above.


Here is my finished look! They look like plain, clean nails without the dry, peeling, yellowed look I was sporting before! I think this is great for an occasion you couldn’t wear polish to or for between gel manicures to really help heal your nails. I love the look!

ZoyaNakedManicure (1)

Like I mentioned above, 3 Lucky Readers will win the Zoya Naked Manicure Mini Professional Kit, a $35 value! Plus, be sure and check Instagram for a special INSTAGRAM ONLY giveaway featuring my favorite product by Zoya! 


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  1. Lisa Quick says:

    I love the look of the satin seal! I would wear this all the time! I also think my 8 year old would love it because she always wants me to do her nails but prefers them natural over colored. This is a nice step above a buff and shine 🙂

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