It’s that time of year and we just planted everything under the sun! We love keeping a garden and had great success with herbs last year so this year we branched out to fruits and veggies as well! I even planted new flower bulbs in a new bed in the front yard! We spent the better part of 2 Saturdays slaving away. I don’t know about you, but after a long afternoon of yard work, my body is tired! I recently reached out to and they sent me two items to help make that work easier and less stress on my body!

IMG_0483 (1)

From their name sake, I received these great Garden Clogs!  I typically wear a size 8 or 8.5 and decided to go up to a 9 for these thinking I’d rather have some a little big than a little snug, they fit perfect and are BEYOND comfortable! These come with a great molded insole that supports my feet in the best way! I had absolutely ZERO foot fatigue and these were perfect to use to bear down onto a shovel! These are in the print “Abstract”.


For getting down and dirty, I tried this Gardening Kneepad. Before I had this product, I never considered how much time I spent gardening on my knees. It was just something I did and never thought about. Well, having this product is a true knee saver! The cushion has the perfect amount of give but is also made to last. I used this on 3 different days so far and not a tear or bit of wear on it.

Overall, Garden Clogs by Jolly’s make quality, well thought out products that really added to the joy of gardening for us! Be sure and check them out for your needs this Spring!


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