Flower Eyewear by Drew Barrymore

I can’t be the only one who feels like they spent most of the 90’s wishing they were child star Drew Barrymore. Unlike a lot of child stars, Drew Barrymore never stopped being someone I could look up to  and while I’ve seen every single one of her movies, I get even more excited when she stands behind a brand or better yet, when she built her own. Flower Beauty was a huge hit in my eyes and it meant a lot to me that the price point was reasonable and that the line easily accessible. Partnering with Walmart might not scream high end, but no one can deny that they carry huge names that go on to huge success. Flower is back at it for another go-round with some awesome eyewear.

The new Flower Eyewear line up includes 34 prescription lenses and sun wear. Traditional glasses begin at $88 and the sunglasses in the line are only $39.  There are also a line of readers at a super affordable $19.94. Each pair is also named after a previous movie or TV role that Drew had. I think that is the cutest idea!

I got my hands on two pairs of sunglasses with an awesome vintage vibe!

Each pair comes with a sturdy, muted pink hard shell case that does an amazing job at protecting each pair. The case alone makes these seem pricey. I would never believe these were only $39. I also adore the watercolor printed cleaning cloth that comes with. Both are imprinted with the Flower logo.

These classic tortoise shell printed sunglasses have a slight cat eye shape to them and look flattering on all face shapes in my opinion! These are sturdy, fit well on the face and have a polarized finish to the lenses. On both pair there is a small sticker that says “RX able”. I did a touch of research into that and it’s super easy to get your prescription put into these at your local Walmart! I love having the option.

These beauties are called “Chloe“. I had to wrack my brain for the character under this name and finally I looked it up! Drew voiced Chloe in the adorable comedy “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.  These absolutely scream Beverly Hills.

Secondly, I tried out these more modern, slightly 90’s, more modern glasses in the style “Sheila”. These have a metal frame to them and feel absolutely weightless on. I typically shy away from purchasing this style because I hate when metal frames bend. I gave these a good twist and a few pulls and I cannot bend or more the metal at any point and I’m thrilled! The metal on these is super solid and well made! I adore this aesthetic, too!

Sheila is actually a new character we’ll see from Drew this year. She plats Sheila in the Netflix original “Santa Clarita Diet” that sounds like my kinda show.

You can check out the rest of the Flower Eyewear collection online or on Instagram. Remember, you can only pick up your own at your local Walmart.

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