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Every once in a while, our family just needs to unplug. I love social media and the blogashere, I could never deny that, but sometimes low tech really piques my interest. I recently heard about an exciting new way to unplug and relax. These fun, encapsulated puzzles are by FlipStir.

Essentially, the puzzle is self contained and you use the stir stick inside to place the pieces in the proper order. Your only tool is a long rod with a small foot on the end.


In the Flip Stir line, there are Level 1 and Level 2 puzzles. These “levels” essentially tell you how hard these puzzles with be. I noticed that the shapes of the puzzles were either straight or wavy. This one above is a Level 1 and it is a photo of the rainbow displayed with colored pencils. I thought it was especially funny that they placed the images on the bottom. If you need to look again for a reference, you risk mixing the pieces up!


My favorite puzzle was this Statue of Liberty puzzle. This is a Level 2 and as you can see there are waxy edges on each piece. I thought this puzzle was fun and challenging, much of Lady Liberty’s skirt looked the same and I’m sure I thought I was done at least twice before I was actually successful.


It took me about 20 minutes to complete this puzzle.
Overall, I thought these were REALLY fun and I love the idea of being able to do puzzles on the go! I’ve done this puzzle a few times since it arrived at the doorstep and it’s a fun, calming activity!

If you want to learn more about FlipStir, check them out HERE!


  1. FlipStir Puzzle says:

    We are so glad that you enjoyed FlipStir! A little tip for when you need to look at the picture, but have some pieces in place… hold those pieces in place with the wand and tilt the tube. You can look at the picture and not lose the work you’ve already done 🙂

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