#FirstTimeFriday Phuse Quiet! Dryer

If you’ve been following me on social media you may have seen that I’m extremely sick! Out of no where, I got some sort of upper respiratory nonsense and I’ve been trying to sleep it off! That being said, I didn’t want to skin out of #FirstTimeFriday and I had to share this cool innovation that I tried recently for the first time!

If you’re a mom or wife that gets up early in the morning before the rest of your family, like I do, one thing you’re probably very aware of is the amount of noise you create with everyday tasks. I bang around pots and pans making breakfast and packing/prepping lunches and I often wait to shower and get ready until everyone else is out for the day. From time to time, I have to get showered and completely ready before anyone else’s alarm goes off and what always stops me dead in my tracks is doing my hair.

With long hair and Fall fast on it’s way, the blow dryer is the end all when it comes to my morning silence. It’s loud and sure to wake up my sons and my husband (who seriously values his sleep). I’ve tried a lot of solutions. From rollers to yoga towels that claim to “quickly absorb moisture” and keep things dry. Those things are time consuming and just leave me wishing I had blow dried my hair!



Recently, I got to try the Phuse Quiet! Dryer and I think my mornings are forever changed.
If you aren’t familiar with Phuse, I recently shared their Remove It! extractor tool and I’m really excited about this “tool brand”. Phuse is a brand that employs representatives to host parties to allow you to play and learn about their brand in the comfort of your own home with friends. I love so many companies like this from Noonday Collection to Stella & Dot. The ladies who throw these parties really love what they do and it makes shopping so much fun!

Phuse is different because this innovative new company focuses on tool and devices that help make your beauty routine easier. They have makeup brushes (that I’m dying to get my hands on), hair products and heat tools as well as tweezers, cuticle clippers and more. From what I’ve seen and tried, they REALLY beefed up these products and made them better than the ones I already owned!

For this dryer, the overall design is beautiful and not too heavy (thank goodness)…


The top had a fun design and a somewhat wide design. I wouldn’t say this dryer is larger than any other, aside from this detail.


The controls include 3 power settings: Off,  On/low and high (shown as  0, 1 and 11) and 3 heat settings. It’s easy to change between these settings before or even when you’re actively drying your hair.


There are two attachments that come with this dryer, first is the Concentrator which is shown on the first image I posted of the dryer. This is a “basic” attachment that comes with a lot of dryers and is great to make the air flow in a “line” of sorts to dry your hair. The most exciting piece is the Accelerator. This cute little circle packs all the air power into the center of the nozzle at speeds of up to 50mph! Yes, you read that right! The is some serious power pointed right where you need it!

Aside from the attachments, the most exciting part about this dryer is the sound. In tests, this dryer was right around 70 decibels where the leading dryer created around 80 decibels. Below is a short video I  did to show you the sound this makes! I would bust out your own dryer and compare! I can really tell the difference. Aside from being quieting, the noise is a lot less harsh and more of a hum than a whine.

I’m thrilled with this dryer and I really enjoy using it! I think the design and attachments are well thought out but above all, it really is quieter and more POWERFUL than the other dryers I’ve owned in the past! I’m super happy to recommend this hands down.

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